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ZombieBox Generator Soundproofing Enclosure

ZombieBox is ideal for standby generators, compressors, industrial equipment, pumps, vacuums, blowers, electronic, medical and laboratory equipment.

Download the ZombieBox spec sheet.


  • Collapsible
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be assembled on location, without tools, in under 3 minutes
  • No permits required in ALL 50 states
  • OSHA, city and county noise ordinance compliant
  • Reduces noise by up to 5X or 99%
  • Increases the life cycle and efficiency of your equipment
  • Built to withstand permanent outdoor storage and long-term use of your generator, sheltering it from rain, snow, people, or blowing dirt and debris
  • Improves overall comfort and safety

The unique universal design allows anyone with equipment the ability to reduce the noise intensity of portable generators and other machinery without inhibiting airflow or cooling requirements.

ZombieBox products are engineered and manufactured in the USA! US Patent: 9,641,043

Download the ZombieBox spec sheet.

StandBy Back-up Generator ZombieBox

Perfect for House Generators


Drop Over (for existing generators) - Simply drop over the rear panel where the slot fits over the existing fuel and electrical connections, then assemble the other sides and lid.

Download the ZombieBox spec sheet.


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* Production time is up to 10 weeks

First, find the size of your generator and then select which options you'd like. Need help? Feel free to contact us.