Tresca Restaurant & Bar

    Tresca Restaurant & Bar is a two story, 130 seat Boston North End tradition. The first level was always half bar, half dining, but new changes are breaking away from the usual “North End” expectations. They are converting the whole downstairs space into a casual bar area, renamed Cafe 77 at Tresca, a nod to the jersey number of restaurant's co-owner, former Boston Bruins star Ray Bourque. Upstairs, fine Italian dining and hospitality is the focus of Executive Chef Rich Ansara in their multiple public and private dining rooms.

    Behind the scenes, two new owners, Bill Galatis and Peter Weber were concerned about noise and reverberation affecting the dining experience.  Sonic-Shield’s parent company New England Soundproofing came to the rescue.  Hard surfaces on walls, floors, and ceiling were impacting sound levels in the dining rooms and bar area, making it uncomfortably loud.  We installed  REVRB® Acoustical Panels on the ceilings, blending seamlessly with the original decor. Immediately the noise levels and the reverberation lowered, allowing Tresca’s patrons to enjoy food and conversations in a great atmosphere.

    Tresca’s Tuscan Dining Room – Before REVRB Acoustical Panel Installation

    Tresca’s Tuscan Dining Room – Before REVRB® Acoustical Panel Installation

    Tresca’s Tuscan Dining Room -After REVRB Acoustical Panel Installation

    REVRB® Acoustical Panel Installation in restaurant dining room

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