Sonic-Shield’s Soundproofing Resource Center helps reinforce our mantra of “Soundproofing Made Simple.”

Our resource center is a collection of data, literature and intelligence gleaned from a wide variety of sources, including our own engineers, acoustical experts, and industry professionals.

We have tried to acknowledge the sources for all of the soundproofing resource center content as we appreciate all of their efforts over the years to help make the science of noise, acoustics and soundproofing easier to understand for everyone.

How is the soundproofing resource center structured? We begin with our Soundproofing Blog, (after all, in today’s day and age, who does not have a blog?) where we will post content pertinent to the wide range of acoustics, audio, noise pollution, vibration control and soundproofing solutions fields.

Then we provide a Soundproofing glossary available as a downloadable document. Sonic-Shield believes that an educated customer will be our best and most loyal customer. To that end, we have provided a glossary of terms from the audio, acoustic, soundproofing, hearing, sensory and scientific world to attempt to provide explanations for just SOME of the terms you will encounter while dealing with your noise pollution or vibration control problem.

We have used dozens of sources for our glossary and we are sure you will find definitions for terms that may slightly disagree with ours. We are simply trying to help you understand the world of sound, noise and vibration and hope that our listing of dozens of words and phrases will provide value to you.

We follow our soundproofing glossary with a series what we refer to as soundproofing “links of interest.” We have used dozens of sources for the soundproofing links and add to the list regularly. If at any time you would like to contribute a resource to our list of soundproofing links, please fill out one of our contact forms and submit your idea or suggestion. We will review it, contact you with questions, if any, and then, hopefully use your contribution to make all of us a more educated group, when it comes to noise pollution, soundproofing and vibration control.

Then of course, we provide actual soundproofing content. Whether you want to call the literature a report, study, white paper, presentation, or case study, we will post actual content you can download for your use and future reference.

Finally, we provide a soundproofing “downloads of interest” page, where we have provided a list of downloads from the audio, acoustic, soundproofing, hearing, sensory and scientific world to attempt to give you access to industry leading voices who can educate and enable you to understand and deal with your noise pollution or vibration control problem.

Our soundproofing resource center is a work in progress and we add to it constantly. Please check back often. If you would like to be notified whenever new content is added, simply fill out our contact form below.

We appreciate you visiting our soundproofing resource center and hope that we have delivered on the promise inherent in our motto: Soundproofing Made Simple.