School Gym Noise Issues - Exceeding Expectations

    The Problem:

    A local Tampa Bay private school had a noise problem in their gymnasium. Noise from the gym was impacting classrooms and offices that bordered the gym, as well as making it difficult for students and team members to clearly hear instructions from their teachers and coaches.

    The Process:

    When there are a lot of reflective surfaces in a big open space, the sound-waves arrive at the ear at different times. So even if one’s ear is in a direct line to the noise source, by the time the sound gets to a person’s ear, there are hundreds of secondary reflections “piling up” and making words very difficult to understand. As this occurs, our natural tendency is to speak more loudly, which is the worst thing one can do, as speaking more loudly contributes more sound to the problem.

    When we encounter environments like this, we try to measure the sound reflection values of all the surfaces within the space in question. This process allows us to develop an accurate reflection speed. Once THAT is known, we can determine the amount of square footage of absorbent material that is needed to dampen the noise to acceptable levels.

    The Soundproofing Solution:

    After completing our measurement and calculations, we determined that close to 3,000 sq. ft. of sound absorbing panels with an NRC value of 1.0 were needed to reduce the reflections in the gymnasium to acceptable levels. We suggested the use of 2,975 sq. ft. of our REVRB® acoustical panels, to be placed on various wall and ceiling surfaces in the gym.

    REVRB Acoustical Panels being installed REVRB GYM INSTALLATION

    The pictures above were taken during the installation of our REVRB® acoustical panels in the gymnasium. You can see some of the  REVRB® panels have already been installed on the walls around the upper deck of the gymnasium while others are being staged for installation on the ground floor.

    REVRB Acoustical panel installed in gymnasium

    Above, is a picture of REVRB® acoustical panels installed on the ceiling and upper deck with additional panels staged on the floor ready for placement.

    REVRB Acoustical Panels installed on upper deck REVRB Acoustical Panels installed in gymnasium

    Above are pictures of REVRB® acoustical panels after installation on the upper deck of the gymnasium.

    REVRB Acoustical Panels installed on ceiling

    The picture above shows how the REVRB® acoustical panels have also been hung on the ceiling in addition to the walls. The ceiling is approximately 37 feet above the floor.

    Principal’s comments, acting as representative of the BOD before:

    “This is a project I am very serious about completing and done right the second time. We had a company come in that added panels around the top of the walls. This had very little impact, but we liked their price. This turned out to be a waste of our money. This time around we want for this to be done right.”

    “I have already been in discussion with the Youth Pastor, the Children’s Director and the Music Minister on how this will impact future events in the gym, i.e. our seasonal games, banquets, small concerts, school dances, etc.”

    There’s a lot of enthusiasm and high expectations!

    Principal’s comments, acting as representative of the BOD after:

    “The project turned out extremely well. We are definitely pleased with the final result.”

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