Gaming Superstore Reflective Sound Problems

    The Problem:

    We received a call from a gaming superstore close to St. Louis which has over 4,800 square feet of retail space and over 2,200 square feet of dedicated event space. Their event space had 15-foot-high ceilings and can hold anywhere from 40-100 "gamers" at one time.

    Gaming Superstore before soundproofing Gaming Superstore before soundproofing
    Gaming Superstore before soundproofing Gaming superstore before soundproofing

    Due to the hard wood floors, the relatively high ceilings and the lack of any hangings on the walls, reflective sound was a big problem for the establishment, with noise bouncing around within the space making for a relatively unpleasant gaming experience for their guests.

    After calculating the sound wave reflection decay of the room, we were able to determine how much sound absorbent material was needed to "tame" the reflections to an acceptable level and keep the space acoustically alive. The goal was to reduce the echoing and create a more decorative look for the room at the same time as we were able to provide noise mitigation.

    We recommended the installation of our  REVRB® acoustic panels, which are specifically designed to reduce unwanted echo, reverberation and background noise. The owner of the retail space was actively involved choosing the size and color of the panels needed for his space. When all was said and done, he ordered a mix of 4’ by 6’ and 2’ by 6’ panels in a combination of reds and blacks. The panels were hung vertically around the perimeter of the room.

    The Soundproofing Solution:

    The result? Don’t take our work for it - here is a quote from the owner:

    "We finished hanging the sound panels. First, I will say how happy I am with the way they look. Very clean and professional. Second, and more importantly, I am pretty blown away with how much sound these have absorbed. It is a huge difference. Overall, I am very pleased. I do want to thank you for your patience throughout this process (I know I was impatient at times), but I really appreciate the assistance and service you provided."

    REVRB panels in Gaming Room REVRB Acoustic Panels in game room
    Acoustic REVRB panels in game room REVRB panels in Miniature Mart

    As we say many times on our website our process is a simple one. Identify the noise source, identify the transmission path of the noise to the offended party, determine if barrier products, absorbent products or a combination of the two are required for the solution. In this case, absorbent product was required and because the product was needed in a retail space, a commercial treatment, rather than an industrial treatment was called for, thus the use of our REVRB®  acoustical panels.

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