Soundproofing and Acoustic Case Studies

At Sonic-Shield, we use both sound barrier and sound absorption materials to dampen or completely deaden indoor and outdoor noise from a variety of sources in homes, offices, industrial settings and commercial spaces. Many times, our customers prefer to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of noise issues and compliance requirements.

In other cases, we can intervene with proper soundproofing early in the construction process and deliver great results for our clients. Whether prior to new construction or solving for a current noise issue, we have the products and expertise to get the job done. Here are some examples of our work.



We received a call from a popular casual dining restaurant, that had a game room toward the back of their establishment, which was in a strip mall. Noise from the game room was bleeding into the adjoining tenant’s space and disturbing their customers.


Gaming Superstore

REVRB panels in gaming room

A gaming superstore close to St. Louis, MO, which has over 4,800 square feet of retail space and over 2,200 square feet of dedicated event space, needed a soundproofing solution to create a better gaming experience for their guests.


School Gymnasium

REVRB Acoustical panel installed in gymnasium

A Tampa Bay private school had a noise problem in their gymnasium. Noise from the gym was impacting classrooms and offices that bordered the gym, as well as making it difficult for students and team members to clearly hear instructions from their teachers and coaches.


Tresca Restaurant & Bar


Tresca's first level was always half bar, half dining, but new changes are breaking away from the usual "North End" expectations by converting the whole downstairs space into a casual bar area: Cafe 77 at Tresca.


Sudbury Police


Chief of Police, Scott Nix, from the Sudbury Police Department had a problem. Their HVAC unit was situated over their drop ceilings, creating excessive noise and reverberation in the Intake/Booking room as well as in his office. 


Broadside Tavern


Broadside Tavern, now open where Barney Fanning’s once stood at 99 Broad Street, needed a sound mitigation plan carefully designed to address a major problem: overpowering echoes within the contemporary Irish Pub.


Conference Room


Due to one glass wall and a glass door in addition to several hard surfaces in a client's conference room plus the size of the room, we were able to determine that the client was experiencing reflective noise issues as sound waves built up inside the room. 


Granite State Credit Union

Granite State Credit Union Soundproofing

Granite State Credit Union had a difficult problem with their reception area. Although it was beautiful, with high ceilings, the hard wall surfaces and ceramic floors made sound reverberate and speech with their customers was difficult to understand.


Boston Herald Radio


Boston Herald Radio wanted to undergo a major soundproofing overhaul to improve the acoustics and performance on the radio. Unfortunately, the soundproofing solutions they had purchased online weren’t improving the quality of the sound on the air. 



Spotify Case Study

Being in the music industry, Spotify was very aware of the importance of acoustics in their workplace. REVRB®  Acoustical Panels were wrapped in a variety of iconic album covers to stylishly solve Spotify's reverberation and echo issues.


DWA Media

DWA Media Case Study

The modern design of the international DWA Media’s conference rooms, rather than solving communication challenges, instead created reverberation issues. Screen printed REVRB® Acoustical Panels were added, which also brought pops of color to the sleek design.


The Painted Burro

The Painted Burro Case Study

Soon after the popular watering hole, The Painted Burro, opened they realized they had overlooked a major detail – the acoustics. The walls and ceiling were lined with neutral-toned  REVRB®  panels, on which a local artist painted vibrant Meso-American caricatures.


The Trap

The Trap

The Trap was a fabulous neighborhood bar, but acoustically, it had problems. Vaulted ceilings, large windows, and exposed hardwood in the small space made the bar uncomfortably noisy.  The owners didn’t want to remove all of the noise, they just wanted to soften the echo.


Charred Oak Tavern

The Charred Oak case study

Every town seems to have a neighborhood eatery where the locals congregate for hearty meals and good drinks. The Charred Oak Tavern in Middleborough Mass. is one such place but goes far beyond the expected. Its only drawback was its noise level.


La Familia Giorgio's

La Famiglia Giorgio's Case Study

La Famiglia Giorgio’s is the quintessential authentic Italian restaurant. Wedged between two brick buildings, this family-owned business is constantly packed with diners, yet it faces the challenges tall, narrow, brick and plaster space, and oversized windows and plank floors. 


Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen Case Study

The Tuscan Kitchen offers its patrons a world of regional Italian dishes.  Unfortunately, this world, while incredibly delectable, was also extremely noisy, and despite the deliciousness of their food, guests were reluctant to return due to the noise. 


Humane Society

Animal Shelter Case Study

A newly constructed animal shelter had what they initially described as “painful” noise bothering the pets and the staff. Initial readings were taken that showed an average decibel level of 106 dba with spikes ranging as high as 114dba.


Steel & Rye Restaurant

Steel and Rye Case Study

Steel & Rye operates out of an old garage, and their neighborhood was founded on farming, milling and manufacturing. They created a dining experience focused on Americana cuisine in a setting reminiscent of its historic past. That setting, however, had a severe noise issue