Soundproofing Case Studies

At Sonic-Shield, we use both sound barrier and sound absorption materials to dampen or completely deaden indoor and outdoor noise from a variety of sources in homes, offices, industrial settings and commercial spaces. Many times, our customers prefer to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of noise issues and compliance. In other cases, we are able to intervene with proper soundproofing early in the construction process and yield great results for our clients. Whether new construction or solving for a current noise issue, we have the products and expertise to get the job done. Here are some examples of our work.


MLV being installed on restaurant common wall

We received a call from a popular casual dining restaurant, that had a game room toward the back of their establishment, which was in a strip mall. Noise from the game room was bleeding into the adjoining tenant’s space and disturbing THEIR customers.

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Certain rooms at a major international hotel had windows and balconies facing rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, causing high in-room noise levels resulting in guest complaints.

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An automobile manufacturer had sixteen industrial chillers in three areas of a development test facility that were used to artificially create winter-like conditions in several environmental testing chambers.

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