Sonic-Shield Presents: Pyrotek's Viterolite®

What is Viterolite?

Viterolite® - The versatile sound absorber for challenging environments is sustainable, non-fibrous sound absorbing tiles. Viterolite was developed to meet requirements of a durable, sustainable sound absorber that is non-fibrous and overcomes issues of weather aging and contamination damage. Viterolite are pre-cast tiles made from expanded glass granules that are produced from recycled glass. The processed granules are bonded together using a polymer resin binder. Each granule inherently acts as an acoustic absorber and the polymer resin binder considerably enhances the impact resistance of the tiles. The result is a light-weight, porous, sound-absorbing panel with excellent impact resistance properties that are suitable for both external and indoor use.


They are an ideal choice for areas with challenging weather and impact conditions such as train stations, as well as indoor areas with high humidity or fire concerns. Unlike traditional porous or open-cell materials, its natural resistance to moisture ensures that the panels will not significantly retain or absorb moisture. Viterolite achieves the highest fire rating -‘Class O’ required by British building standards.

Viterolite tiles can be worked on site and retrofitted to reflective surfaces such as concrete walls to provide effective noise absorption. The panels can withstand weather conditions, impact, animal infestation and have a long life-span without any additional treatment. They can be cut to different shapes and sizes, routed to provide varying texture and shadowing effects, thereby opening up several aesthetic options for interiors as well as outdoor applications. Constructed from recycled material, and VOC free, Viterolite tiles are easy to work on, fix and maintain.

Viterolite Features

  • Lightweight, rigid, durable and self supporting
  • High impact resistant and sound absorption
  • High weather, water and UV resistance
  • Resistant to chlorides and potassium
  • Non fibrous, non-toxic and VOC free
  • Can be used in conjunction with other sound absorbing products to suit acoustic requirements
  • Easy to cut and shape using standard wood working equipment, machined or routed
  • Easily routed, rebated to make grooves or holes in tiles to allow cable and pipe access
  • Aesthetic options: Can be painted with water based paint or rendered for a seamless finish
  • Can be mechanically fixed using ‘C’ channel framework or bonded directly to a variety of clean substrates depending on the application requirement
  • Cleanable - will not sag or stain as a result of moisture

Viterolite Applications

  • Outdoor: exit ways, smoking areas, road barriers, exterior plant fences
  • Areas with challenging weather conditions
  • High fire safety areas
  • Rail: train stations
  • Plant rooms, substations, vent shafts and exits
  • Transport depots, road barriers
  • Airports, stations, parking exits
  • Machinery enclosures
  • Schools: sports halls, auditoriums
  • Health care: hospital, aged care
  • Wet areas: swimming pools, spas car washes
  • Interiors: plain, painted or rendered panels

View full Viterolite Data Sheet and Specifications.