Sonic-Shield® Presents Pyrotek’s Decidamp® CLD

Constrained layer vibration damping pad

Decidamp® CLD is a constrained layer, viscoelastic damping material, designed to reduce structural vibration and sound transmission within light gauge materials. CLD was developed to meet market noise reduction requirements in the automotive, marine, industrial and OEM markets.


To achieve this high-performance, the Pyrotek engineering team developed a product that thermally bonds three layers: a rigid outer metal layer, a viscoelastic membrane and a high-tack adhesive layer, hence the name CLD (Constrained Layer Damping).

The product achieves the highest fire rating, complying with International Marine Organization standards for low spread of flame, as well as British standards, achieving Class “O”.

Vibration is reduced by allowing the viscoelastic layer to flex, which creates shear strains between two rigid substrates, hence noise-creating energy is lost.

Lightweight panel constructions such as sheet metal (steel, alloy, tin, etc.) and rigid plastics (ABS and FRP, etc.) can easily transmit noise when vibrational energy is introduced to the structure. By applying CLD to lightweight structures, the damping of the construction will increase, therefore lowering radiated noise (vibration) and improving the transmission loss.



  • Most effective when applied to lightweight panels and steel substrates of up to 2 mm, aluminum substrates up to 4 mm and FRP (solid) up to 6 mm thick
  • Automotive floors, firewalls, doors, ceiling and trunk panels
  • Marine vessels: bulkheads, deck heads and hull construction
  • Generators, compressor covers and machine housing guards
  • Metal air-conditioning ducts and compressor housings
  • Laundry and garbage chutes, hoppers, lids and bins
  • Whitegoods and under sink bowls


  • Free from lead, odor-producing oils and bitumen
  • Performance across a broad temperature range
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easy to install, high-tack acrylic adhesive backing, simply peel and apply pressure to position
  • Easily conforms to irregular surfaces without the use of heat guns
  • Remains flexible, does not become brittle
  • Resistant to weather and UV light
  • Available in various weights, widths and roll lengths
  • Complies with UL94 HF-1, IMO 653.16 low spread of flame, and British Standards 476.6/7-Class “0”

VOC Statement

Decidamp® materials contain no ozone-depleting substances and complies with European and Australian standards for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions. No ozone-depleting substances are generated during manufacture.


Color Silver
Packaging Sheet sizes: 1000 mm x 1300 mm 500 mm x 1300 mm


Decidamp® CLD Product Data and Specifications