Soundproofing Products

Sonic-Shield Soundproofing is a services company, focused on providing solutions. While we sell soundproofing products and in fact have a few product lines under our own label, we are generally “product agnostic” meaning we will provide or suggest whatever soundproofing products will best solve your noise pollution problem, whether it is our own label or has to be procured from another company.

Since we are solution focused, we have to be able to access a complete array of soundproofing products for the wide range of noise and vibration problems we encounter and solve every day. We are not limited by the inventory we carry, only selling what we stock. We will provide soundproofing products and services to you from our competitors without a second thought, if the products and services are right for YOUR noise control or vibration control problem.

We do not tie up our capital in inventory, infrastructure and overhead, allowing us to operate at much lower costs, passing those savings along to you directly. We get the soundproofing products we need, when we need them, for each individual job and offer them to you at very competitive prices, due to the volume of purchases we make with our suppliers.

Dedicated to Quality

We believe that “Made in the USA” is not just a slogan. 

Our committment:

  • We are committed to buying our soundproofing products and components from US manufacturers whenever price, terms and quality are equal to or better than manufacturers from outside of the USA.
  • We are committed to purchasing the highest quality materials that comprise our soundproofing products.
  • We are committed to never short-changing our customers by substituting inferior materials into our soundproofing products.
  • We have and will continue to invest in automated manufacturing processes to make our products more efficiently, reducing costs to our customers.

Soundproofing Design

Because we know how to use and practically apply every one of the products that we sell, we are uniquely qualified to advise YOU on exactly what materials are best suited for your particular problem.

Sonic-Shield sells our own label of soundproofing products- Sonic-Fiber
Sonic Fiber

We do stock two main product lines on a regular basis. We stock a “Mass Loaded Vinyl” product, most commonly used as a sound barrier. We also stock a Mineral Wool product for sound absorption.

When we fabricate customized soundproofing enclosures, sound dampening panels, or other sound deadening structures, we generally use one of both of these products as components of the finished soundproofing solution.

Other Product Partners

Sonic-Shield partners with REVRB Acoustics to offer additional products based on the unique needs of your noise problem. Contact us today to learn more.