Soundproofing Literature

Sonic-Shield believes that an educated customer will be our best and most loyal customer. Sonic-Shield’s soundproofing resource center is populated with a variety of soundproofing literature data, information and intelligence to help reinforce our mantra of “Soundproofing Made Simple.”

We highly recommend that you read “Fundamentals of Sound and Hearing” as it is a great introductory piece that explains exactly what it refers to………………..fundamentals.

Our soundproofing literature is gleaned from a wide variety of sources, including our own engineers, acoustical experts, and industry professionals, some of whom are published authors, whose content you will see in the “Literature” or “White Paper” sections of the resource center. Our soundproofing literature is pertinent to a wide range of acoustics, audio, noise pollution, vibration control and soundproofing solutions fields for which we also provided a glossary and FAQ section.

We have tried to acknowledge the industry sources for all of our soundproofing resource center content. We appreciate all of their efforts over the years to help make the science of noise, acoustics and soundproofing easier to understand for everyone.

Whether you call our soundproofing literature a report, a study, a white paper, a presentation, or a case study, we will provide content you can download for your immediate use or for your future reference.

Our resource center is a work in progress and we add to it constantly. Please check back often. If you would like to be notified whenever new content is added, simply fill out our contact form below.

We appreciate you visiting our Soundproofing Resource Center and hope that we have delivered on the promise inherent in our motto: Soundproofing Made Simple.