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    We have provided soundproofing links of interest from the audio, acoustic, soundproofing, hearing, sensory and scientific worlds to ATTEMPT to give you access to industry leading voices that can assist you with dealing with your noise pollution or vibration control problem. Sonic-Shield’s “Soundproofing Made Simple” mantra encourages us to act on the premise that an educated customer will be our best and most loyal customer.

    We have used dozens of sources for the soundproofing links of interest below and will be adding to this list regularly over time. If at any time you would like to contribute a resource to our list of soundproofing links of interest, please fill out one of our contact forms and submit your idea or suggestion. We will review it, contact you with questions, if any, and then, hopefully use your contribution to make all of us a more educated group.

    One of the sources that we have found and use regularly is the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse. Their website is They are a national non-profit, partially funded by donations from a wide variety of companies in the industry. Here is an excerpt from their website.

    The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources. The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse seeks to:

    • Raise awareness about noise pollution
    • Create, collect, and distribute information and resources regarding noise pollution
    • Strengthen laws and governmental efforts to control noise pollution
    • Establish networks among environmental, professional, medical, governmental, and activist groups working on noise pollution issues
    • Assist activists working against noise pollution

    The mission of the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is to create more civil cities and more natural rural and wilderness areas by reducing noise pollution at the source.

    Sonic-Shield’s mission is aligned with the mission of the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse and we are proud to list them at the very top of our resource list for your consideration and use.

    Soundproofing links of interest to the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

    The three soundproofing links of interest below to Wikipedia for soundproofing, acoustics and noise pollution give the reader access to hundreds and hundreds of links to very specific topics. We don’t want to just point you in the direction of Wikipedia and leave you alone to fend for yourself, but we would be remiss if we did not encourage you to start your educational journey with Wikipedia. It is a fantastic soundproofing and acoustic resource.

    • Soundproofing

    • Acoustics

    • Noise Pollution 

    • Noise

    Soundproofing links of interest  about Sound Level Meters———Interested in a recap of Sound Level Meters for your Smartphone? Accurate SLMs are expensive and not accessible to the average person.  On the other hand, smartphones are widely available and allow for various downloadable applications.  Many of these “apps” allow the smartphone to be used as a SLM, and provide a cost-effective solution to help determine noise levels in different environments.



    Loud noise can be very damaging to hearing. Both the level of noise and the length of time you listen to the noise can put you at risk for noise-induced hearing loss. Noise levels are measured in decibels, or dB for short. The higher the decibel level, the louder the noise. Sounds that are louder than 85 dB can cause permanent hearing loss. The hearing system can be injured not only by a loud blast or explosion but also by prolonged exposure to high noise levels. Acoustics

    • The Institute of Noise Control of America

    • NoiseCon- New England 2016

    • Internoise 2017 –Germany

    • NoiseCon- Michigan- 2017

    Soundproofing links of interest to The Acoustical Society of America

    Soundproofing links of interest to The National Council of Acoustical Consultants

    Soundproofing links of interest to Sound and Vibration Magazine

    Soundproofing links of interest to Noise News International

    Soundproofing links of interest to Acoustics Today

    Soundproofing links of interest to “Explore Sound”

    Links on Education in Acoustics and Outreach from the ASA

    ASA links

    American Institute of Physics Links

    A Comprehensive Guide to Hearing Loss helps seniors and their care takers identify the warning signs, prevention and how to talk to seniors about possible hearing loss.

    Other Non-Local links