Sonic-Shield™ Soundproofing Accessories

In addition to our soundproofing products, we offer the best in soundproofing accessories for easy installation, repair, and more. You can contact us directly for ordering.

Seam Tape

Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive combined with the conformability of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film provides superior sealing, protection benefits and ease of handling. A metalized film designed for seaming and repairing Noise Barrier. Features a high shear aggressive adhesive, which is temperature resistant and flame retardant. UV/Temperature resistant acrylic adhesive combined with inorganic polypropylene film provides a long lasting. Our seam tape can be apploed to reflective insulation, seaming, splicing, and more.


Acoustical Sealant

Our acoustical sealant is fire rated, non-flammable and strongly adheres to most substrates and won't harden, stain or migrate. Application is quick and easy and clean up is easy with soap and water.


Putty Pads

Our putty pads are a single putty system with no mixing required and easy to install by hand. They adhere to all common building substrated, including electrical conduits. They don't contain any volatile solvents or asbestos fillers, making them safe for confined spaces. They also expand when exposed to heat and fire.


Stick Pins & Locking Washers

Sonic Fiber Stick Pins are insulation anchors with perforated 2" x 2" metal bases attached to 2.5" metal pins. Each pin is used for impaling and installing our various acoustical insulation materials. Pin diameter is 12 gauge and is used with self-locking washers. Perforated base insulation hangers are generally mounted using general purpose adhesive.


Locking washers are used in conjunction with stick pins to fasten insulation in place.


Teks Lath Screws

Teks Lath Screws allow you to secure metal to fastening without the need to pre-drill. You can drill, tap, and fasten all in one motion. They are engineered for applications requiring wide, low-profile head.


To further discuss our products, services or to receive further technical data sheets, contact us today and an acoustical expert will assist you.