Soundproofing A Standby Generator

    Soundproofing a standby generator is becoming a more frequently encountered challenge when it comes to soundproofing. Standby generators have become increasingly popular in recent years with home and business owners after periods of prolonged power outages due to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires and earthquakes. One of the challenges faced by generator owners relates to the high levels of noise that generators make. There is no such thing as a quiet generator, and owners are faced with paying more for a full-featured generator set that may operate quietly verses paying less for a louder generator. This trade-off is troublesome since a standby generator will only be used for emergency power over several days and nights as infrequently as once or twice per year.

    Soundproofing a standby generator for your home
    Standby Generator

    Generator Decibel Levels

    Generators operate at a fixed RPM, however, they develop noise across the audible spectrum depending on the size and type of motor, the number of cylinders, the design of the radiator fan, the configuration of the inlet, the type of exhaust system and amount of soundproofing in the enclosure.  Most standard generator enclosures are adequate weather enclosures, but they may not contain adequate soundproofing.  As a result, standby generators will typically emit noise in the 65 to 80 dB range, which may exceed most community noise ordinances. Generator owners are therefore left with very few viable alternatives to reduce noise for their standby generators.

    The Solution

    Sonic-Shield acoustical engineers have worked extensively to source  affordable noise control solutions for standby generators. We recommend the use of a ZombieBox generator enclosure. ZombieBox is the only patented noise reducing portable noise control system, and they are ideal for standby generators

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