Sonic-Shield’s Soundproofing Glossary

Sonic-Shield’s Soundproofing Glossary is designed with the average consumer in mind. Sonic-Shield believes that an educated customer will be our best and most loyal customer. To that end, we have provided a glossary of terms from the audio, acoustic, hearing, sensory, soundproofing, and scientific worlds.

By no means is this a complete list. It is our  ATTEMPT to provide explanations for just some of the many terms you will encounter while reading literature and materials on this site as well as others. Trying to understand your noise or vibration problem can be a daunting challenge if more than half of the words used to describe the problems might as well be written in another language.

You can tell we are not speaking to the acoustical expert, the architect, the builder, the scientist, auditory specialist, audiophile or competitor. You folks most likely don’t need the glossary. You can probably teach US a few things.

We are trying to talk to the person who has found our site among the hundreds of websites dealing with noise, sound, soundproofing, noise pollution and vibration control and is trying to understand what kind of noise of vibration problem they are dealing with, how to solve the problem, and how to do so economically.

We have used dozens of sources for our glossary and we are sure you will find definitions for terms that may slightly disagree with our definitions. We are simply trying to help you understand the world of sound, noise and vibration and hope that the Sonic-Shield Soundproofing glossary of over 300 words and phrases attached below, will be of assistance to you.

We have not listed as Sonic-Shield’s soundproofing glossary on this page, but rather are providing you with a downloadable, exportable, email friendly version.

Sonic-Shields Soundproofing Glossary