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As a soundproofing company, we often – admittedly always – tout the benefits of the solutions we offer to reduce noise.

But this then begs the question: When experiencing a noise problem, is it possible to have too much soundproofing? 

Surprisingly, depending on the specific..

Some types of noise pollution are easier to eliminate – or at least minimize – than others. But traffic and road noise often prove the peskiest.In fact, they are some of the toughest types of noise to conquer – and if your home is close to a major road, you know how pervasive

We receive dozens of inquiries every week from all over the country and many of them ask for a site visit, an in-person evaluation or some other sort of interaction that would require us to travel near or far to the site of the noise problem to perform an evaluation.

Maybe you’ve had a long day at work and don’t feel like cooking or cleaning. Or maybe you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Or maybe you’re entertaining an out-of-town client.

It can be argued that approximately 40 years ago, Burger King’s campaign to ‘Have it Your Way’ ushered in a movement of mass customization.

Ever since, consumers have expected to have what they want, how they want it, and when they want it – even though Burger King retired..

As metropolitan areas develop in response to demand for more mixed-use urban living landscapes, one persistent issue continues to arise: noise.

It’s no surprise that gyms enjoy a big boost in popularity at the beginning of every year as countless people resolve to lose weight or get in shape for the new year. While such a popular new year’s resolution is a big gain for the gyms, surrounding businesses and residences..

Acoustic panels have gained increasing popularity in recent years – and it’s easy to see (or hear) why. From restaurants, to conference rooms, to workout facilities, to manufacturing facilities, to veterinary offices, to hotels and bars, to movie theaters and more, acoustic..

During the busyness of the holidays, there comes a time – or a few – where we all wish we could just have one 'Silent Night.' Even a silent hour would be a nice reprieve. From parties to festivities to shopping, the cacophony of it all can just be too much.

When it comes to children, any parent will tell you there is little recourse for keeping kids quiet. But when it comes to all other child-related noises, such as those found in schools, there are, thankfully, plenty of ways to keep noise to a minimum to keep growing minds..

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