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Soundproofing a restaurant  is always a unique challenge as all restaurants are different. Even “chain” operations that look exactly the same, frequently have different acoustical characteristics. Whenever we are called by a restaurant owner to help them with noise levels we..


To stop airplane noise from entering your home you must first understand how and where the noise is entering. There are various paths in which aircraft noise can enter your home and disturb your peace and quiet. Sonic-Shield acoustical engineers have..

soundproofing hotel rooms

Prevent Poor Social Media Reviews by Soundproofing Hotel Rooms

Online trip advisory reviews have ushered in a harsh new business environment for hotels, motels and inns that live or die by referrals. If a guest had a lousy night’s sleep due to..

Sound-proof metamaterial inspired by spider webs

By modeling different versions of the new spider-web-inspired acoustic metamaterial, the researchers demonstrated that the new design is more efficient at inhibiting low-frequency sound and is more easily tuned to different..

Acoustical Survey Test at a Petrochemical plant

An Acoustical Survey Test at a Petrochemical plant was a complex yet fun challenge. The typical means of performing an acoustical survey test using a standard sound level meter (SLM) is to collect several acoustic..

Sound Level Meter showing decibel reading

The development of an effective soundproofing solution starts by first identifying the noise that is offensive, then determining the noise transmission path(s) and measuring the acoustic characteristics of the noise.  The noise..

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