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Last month, we spoke at length about classroom acoustics. We discussed the negative impacts that noise has on the learning experience, such as …

  • Distracting from studies in classrooms
  • Breaking concentration during exams or in other quiet zones to negatively impact learning
  • ..

Fundamental to the learning process is the ability of a student to hear and understand what the teacher is saying. But a noisy classroom can stop learning in its tracks, making both hearing and comprehension difficult. 

While noise is quantified in terms of A-weighted decibels – or dB(A)s – its subjective loudness and the degree of nuisance that can be attributed to the noise can often prove far more subjective.

Effects often referred to as 'intrusive or dominant characteristics' include..

As a soundproofing company, we often – admittedly always – tout the benefits of the solutions we offer to reduce noise.

But this then begs the question: When experiencing a noise problem, is it possible to have too much soundproofing? 

Surprisingly, depending on the specific..

As metropolitan areas develop in response to demand for more mixed-use urban living landscapes, one persistent issue continues to arise: noise.

It’s no surprise that gyms enjoy a big boost in popularity at the beginning of every year as countless people resolve to lose weight or get in shape for the new year. While such a popular new year’s resolution is a big gain for the gyms, surrounding businesses and residences..

Acoustic panels have gained increasing popularity in recent years – and it’s easy to see (or hear) why. From restaurants, to conference rooms, to workout facilities, to manufacturing facilities, to veterinary offices, to hotels and bars, to movie theaters and more, acoustic..

As more and more manufacturers and business owners make hearing conservation a priority this year, it’s easy to understand why: The true cost of noise isn’t soundproofing; it’s the impact of not soundproofing.

It’s likely that when you think of ‘soundproofing,’ you think of residences, manufacturing or even commercial venues for concerts and events.

When in the design phase of your next project, architectural acoustics is not the first thing you are most likely to think about. However, as an engineer or architect, it’s vital that you plan for soundproofing and other acoustic treatments prior to breaking ground.

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