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Stranded Whale

Effects Of Human Activities On Marine Mammals are recapped in a recent study according to Science Daily.

Stranded Whale

Reasons why marine animals may strand have been identified recently and are recapped in the post below.


NOAA released final Ocean Noise Strategy Roadmap, which will guide the agency in more effectively and comprehensively managing ocean noise effects on marine life during the next decade.

Outdoor noise wreaks havoc with birds

Outdoor noise wreaks havoc with birds. Noise? Birds? Yes, noise effects birds as well as humans, sea life and just about all living life forms on our planet. Every four years, ornithologists from Canada to Mexico gather for the North..

Seabirds are impacted by marine noise

Seabirds are impacted by marine noise so lets figure out how to give a seabird an underwater hearing test.

Scientists are worried marine noise may affect seabirds, but first they have to figure out how to test it.

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