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In pursuit of silence

In Pursuit of Silence: the film that says we need more quiet in our lives.

While In Pursuit of Silence is in selected UK cinemas from October 21 this column is ABSOLUTELY worth the read. Tremendous content for those concerned with noise and its..

Average noise levels in the contiguous United States. Dark blue is quiet, yellow is noisy. | Map: National Park Service

It’s a gorgeous day in the California desert. An autumn breeze, cool for the desert at 80°F, makes the dry leaves of big galleta grass rustle. Two..

Effects Of Human Activities On Marine Mammals

The U.S. recently released a strategy to study and quiet the rising cacophony of underwater noise pollution. But in the absence of widespread regulation, some researchers are holding out hope that whales might be able to adapt..

Colorado River

There will be less noise on Colorado River due to electric rafts. 

PAGE, Ariz. — Colorado River Discovery, in partnership with the National Parks Service (NPS), announced its first electric raft was formally launched in the Colorado River Aug. 23.

Outdoor noise wreaks havoc with birds

Outdoor noise wreaks havoc with birds. Noise? Birds? Yes, noise effects birds as well as humans, sea life and just about all living life forms on our planet. Every four years, ornithologists from Canada to Mexico gather for the North..

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