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All Marine life matters!

Are Quebec’s rivers getting too loud for belugas? It may be in Canada and we may be in the United States, but we care about marine life all over the planet as you can see from our previous blog entries and on our Twitter account. We want to be..

U.S. to crack down on ocean noise that harms fish

U.S. to crack down on ocean noise that harms fish. The ocean has gotten noisier for decades, with man-made racket from oil drilling, shipping and construction linked to signs of stress in marine life that include beached..

New plan to stop devastating ocean noise pollution

By Chelsea Harvey June 6 at 11:53 AM This is the Obama administration’s new plan to stop devastating ocean noise pollution. The world’s marine animals are up against some big challenges, including everything from climate..

Marine Noise is disrupting the ocean's ecosystem and is becoming an ever larger problems for whales and other marine life
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Scientists say underwater sound is reaching a critical mass, causing damage to ocean life, but fixing the problem..

A single massive container ship—four football fields long—can put 190 decibels of sound energy in the water, louder than the sound next to a speaker at a rock concert.

The new documentary Sonic Sea explores how all the machinery we’re putting into the ocean is disrupting..

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