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Reducing Standby Generator Noise is a Safety & Security Precaution


Harvey, Irma, and Jose are names many people will never forget. As these powerful storms put businesses out of commission in parts of our country, many are now taking extra steps to prepare for the next natural disaster. Utilizing a standby generator is at the top of the list of standby disaster relief plans. However, with the payoff of investing in a proper generator to keep your business’s lights on, comes the safety, and maybe surprising, security risks a proper generator enclosure can eliminate.

Standby Generator Safety

The safety precautions OSHA offers among top generator hazards have been covered at length including:

  • shock and electrocution from improper use of power or accidentally energizing other electrical systems
  • Carbon monoxide from a generator’s exhaust
  • Fires from improperly refueling a generator or inappropriately storing the fuel for a generator
  • Noise and vibration hazards

Standby Generator Security

Yet another precaution recently reported is theft. The noise created by standby power generators can not only be a health and safety concern, it can quickly and easily signal to thieves exactly where generators exist. At the peak of a hurricane threat, generators fly off retailers’ shelves with demand much greater than most could supply. With any commodity, high demand and short supply can lead to poor or desperate decisions to steal.

Standby Generator Preparedness

Preparing to keep your business running during and after a storm with a well equipped generator will allow you to support your community with food and air conditioning as well as reduce your expenses and risk of spoilage or other hefty consequences. Restaurants are at a higher risk than most local businesses when affected by a natural disaster of these risks, but there are other standby and industrial businesses that can take a hit. For instance, Arkema, a chemical plant in Texas, lost power and experienced flooding during Hurricane Harvey and the consequences were detrimental. Too much time without power caused their chemicals to heat up to a combustible degree causing a fire at the plant with many environmental and harmful health effects to first responders and nearby residents.

Invest in a Custom Generator Enclosure

Once you’ve made the great decision to invest in a proper standby generator, go the extra mile with a custom generator enclosure. It’s like an insurance policy to cover your business from health and safety risks the noise creates but also deters it from being stolen.