Have you or your employees ever left work feeling worse than when you arrived? Dizziness, irritability, ringing ears or sense of overall discomfort are just a few symptoms of which you should take note. You may be suffering from noise pollution in your workplace that’s making..

Landlords face a variety of problems and complaints that are inherent to having several individuals and families living in close proximity to one another. Residents often complain about wear-and-tear or dysfunctional appliances, pests, security deposits, pet waste removal,..

A new project is underway in New York City! The Sounds of NYC project is a study led by researchers at New York University. We’re so excited about this because if a successful solution or process for solutions can quiet one of the noisiest cities in the world, it can change..

Soundproofing a restaurant  is always a unique challenge as all restaurants are different. Even “chain” operations that look exactly the same, frequently have different acoustical characteristics. Whenever we are called by a restaurant owner to help them with noise levels we..

Underwater listening station in of Strait of Georgia

STRAIT OF GEORGIA — A science team deployed a 450-kilogram underwater listening station in the Strait of Georgia on Friday, in an attempt to further unlock the secrets of ocean noise.

Canned Music

Organization calls for the elimination of canned music.

Recently, during a particularly long wait at the dentist’s office, I was subjected to a non-stop cocktail of soft rock hits from the 70s. For 45 minutes I was serenaded by the likes of Jim Croce, Minnie..

Stranded Whale

Effects Of Human Activities On Marine Mammals are recapped in a recent study according to Science Daily.

In pursuit of silence

In Pursuit of Silence: the film that says we need more quiet in our lives.

While In Pursuit of Silence is in selected UK cinemas from October 21 this column is ABSOLUTELY worth the read. Tremendous content for those concerned with noise and its..

Cutting off shore wind farm noise helps sea life 

Sound Barrier/MLV-FAQs


Sound Barrier/MLV-FAQs

This Sound Barrier/MLV-FAQs page is our attempt to dispel any fiction about Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) and give you the facts in a FAQ format.

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