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Hotel Guests Complain About Noisy Neighbors


If you run a hotel, your top priority is making sure guests are happy. Satisfied guests will return to your hotel when they’re in town again, and they’ll also tell others about their positive experience via online reviews and word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, if you have loud hotel guests and some of your hotel guests complain about noisy neighbors, that’s a fast way to lose those customers for life.

Soundproofing your hotel rooms can cut down on complaints from guests, improving your online ratings and ultimately resulting in more revenue. You can’t always teach everyone how to be a quiet hotel guest, but you can reduce the impact of your loud hotel guests with high-grade noise solutions. There are several professional-level solutions for all sorts of noise and noise-related disturbances.

Noisy Hotels Lead to Higher Turnover Rates

Noisy hotels can cause a lot of turnover. First, customers are unlikely to come back if they had a bad experience because of noise, regardless of how nice the rest of their experience was. Second, if a hotel guest is considering staying for an extra night or two, they may opt to leave and go somewhere else if your hotel is noisy. 

Noise Complaints Can Reach Thousands of Potential Guests

Regardless of how lovely your hotel is, if guests have an unpleasant time because it’s noisy, they’re going to tell other people about it. Spreading bad word-of-mouth to their family and friends isn’t your biggest concern, though. It’s common for unhappy customers to head online to talk about their poor experience, and online reviews when hotel guests complain about noisy neighbors can reach hundreds to thousands of people . . . quickly.

Employees May Quit Due to Noise

Overall, noise pollution can result in low customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it can make your employees grumpy, too. That can mean that they choose to work elsewhere, which puts you in the position of having to find, hire and train new employees. It costs more money to hire someone new than to retain a current employee, so while you’re losing money because guests don’t want to stay at your hotel, you’ll also be spending money to bring new workers on board. 

Popular Solutions to Noise Problems

While you can suggest ways about how to be a quiet hotel guest, you can't ensure everyone will follow your recommendations. When that happens, there are a few tried-and-true solutions from professional soundproofing companies:

Door Kits

A door kit can block out hallways noise. By using a door kit in each room, guests who are inside won’t be woken up early, kept up later or otherwise disturbed by noisy, loud guests in the hallway.

Messaging Doors

Custom sound deadening slabs are available to place inside a messaging door to keep noise from impacting neighbors as much.

Conference Room Soundproofing

If you have conference rooms in your hotel, a lot of your revenue probably relies on business professionals booking rooms and holding meetings or conferences. Excess soundwave reflections can increase the noise volume and seriously impede their ability to get work done, which means they’ll look elsewhere when securing a block of rooms or a conference area. Acoustical panels can solve this problem, making it easier to hear what’s going on inside the room while keeping external noise at bay.

Green Glue Compound for Renovated Rooms

If you’re planning a room renovation, consider green glue compound. This is a popular solution for renovated rooms because it adds an extra layer to the walls, which can go far when preventing noise pollution.

Elevator and Stairway Soundproofing

Rooms that are close to elevators or stairways are even more prone to sound pollution because of how many guests frequent these areas. There are both small and major fixes to noise in these areas, and the solution that’s right for you depends on the nature of the problem. A professional can assess the situation to decide the best course of action.

Solving Your Hotel's Noise Problem Once and For All

You don’t just have to think about the noise volume. Things like echo and reverberation also have to be considered. With high-quality soundproofing products, even the most demanding noise problems can be handled. Acoustic experts will pinpoint sources of noise to come up with the most cost-effective solution to absorb, block or eliminate the noise. Stop losing revenue and start solving noise-related problems - your guests and your employees will thank you.