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Should Your Gym's New Year Resolution Be Soundproofing?


It’s no surprise that gyms enjoy a big boost in popularity at the beginning of every year as countless people resolve to lose weight or get in shape for the new year. While such a popular new year’s resolution is a big gain for the gyms, surrounding businesses and residences also gain something – increased noise.

As such, we receive countless inquiries and pleas for help from either the owners or neighbors of gyms, dance studios, gymnastic centers and similar.

“I have a gym on the ground floor of a condo building and residents complain of noise from the gym as the sound seems to carry into their units. Help!’

“I have a boxing fitness gym with speed bags hung on a concrete wall which separates our unit from the adjacent unit, and that unit is an empty concrete room that needs soundproofing ASAP. Please contact me as soon as you can.”

“We are a church in a leased commercial building directly below a gymnastics center and the sounds of tumblers vibrates our ceiling. Can you help us?”

From the music to the equipment, these facilities are often rife with intrusive sound and with little or no soundproofing,  they prove to be disruptive at best and uninhabitable at worst.

So what can be done to remedy these issues?

For residences and neighboring properties, there are typically three transmission paths for sound: walls, floors and ceilings, and windows.

Sound Transmission Through Walls

Through a combination of sound-barrier and sound-absorption materials, including customized construction techniques specific to your noise problems, we can reduce sound transmission. Our Sonic-Shield acoustic barrier materials can reduce transmitted noise by up to 75 percent.

Sound Transmission Through Floors and Ceilings

To reduce the sounds created from walking, running or tumbling on hard surfaces, we use combinations of sound-absorbing underlayment on floors and sound-barrier and sound-deadening materials on ceilings to reduce the transmission of sound.

Sound Transmission Through Windows

Unsurprisingly, windows transmit the most noise for homes and businesses. Various solutions can be used to reduce this noise, including the use of acoustic windows, sound dampening treatments in the window themselves with acoustic caulking or films applied directly on existing windows to dampen noise.

For the gyms, dance studios, and gymnastic centers themselves, the development of an effective solution starts by first identifying the noise that is offensive, then determining the noise transmission path(s) and measuring the acoustic characteristics of the noise. The noise transmission path is simply the identification of the source of the noise and determining how it arrives at your ear.

Whatever your acoustic issue, we’ve likely seen it, heard it – and can provide you a solution. Contact us today to find out how we can solve your gym’s soundproofing problems today!