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Eliminate airport noise at your home or workplace

Eliminate airport noise at your home or workplace

We can help reduce or eliminate airport noise at your home or workplace...
Everybody has been impacted by or knows of places where airport noise has an impact on lifestyles or workplace environments. Whether it is a small municipal airport or a large international gateway, airport and aircraft noise are some of the most common complaints that we hear about, week after week.

Eliminate airport noise at your home or workplace
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Many national, state and local governmental bodies are working on ways to make this have less impact to citizens These organizations all recognize the impact of airport and aircraft noise and are working diligently on ways to mitigate these types of noises The efforts have been taking place for years.

Around the United States, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), airport operators, airlines and communities, are REQUIRED to work together to reduce noise in the most affected areas to qualify for funding. In most communities however, the efforts are voluntary, with the participants recognizing the importance of their work and the importance of keeping the profile of a good corporate citizen. An FAA noise-related survey is ongoing in 20 cities with major airports through December 2016 which you can read about here: http://www.mv-voice.com/…/faa-elected-officials-hear-compla…

The health consequences of regular exposure to consistent elevated sound levels are many, and are well documented. Elevated workplace or other noise can cause many health problems and sleep disturbance. Study results also suggest that chronic aircraft noise exposure is associated with impaired learning comprehension as well as high levels of noise annoyance. Repeated exposure to noise can also contribute to lack of worker productivity and can have an impact on a company’s bottom line.

Airline manufacturers have been working to develop a “quieter” airplane. Engines, exhaust systems, the airframe itself and operational requirements are just some of the areas where tremendous progress has been made. This means quieter airplanes are and will be flying in and out of your community.
What can you do to reduce or eliminate this unwanted noise?
1) Speak to your local aviation authority to learn about reduction programs. In some areas financial assistance for soundproofing is available. You should ask how you qualify for them.
2) You can visit our website to learn about this unwanted noise and contact us for effective solutions. We can explain how to gather the data to qualify for many programs available.
How can we help you reduce or eliminate this unwanted noise? First, we want to understand the type of offending noise.http://soundproofingmadesimple.com/types-of-noise/

We talk about different types of outdoor noise and how to isolate, understand and reduce it on our website at:http://soundproofingmadesimple.com/exterior-or-outdoor-noise

Then we want to identify the noise transmission path or paths:http://soundproofingmadesimple.com/noise-transmission-paths/

Finally we need to measure the noise. This can be done a number of ways with a number of different tools. If you are a homeowner, you will be interested in soundproofing for your home, here:
A site survey and/or noise testing and analysis is recommended for industrial or bigger commercial jobs. If you own a business or have a company in the flight path or your local airport, we can help you address the problem by http://soundproofingmadesimple.com/sonic-shield-soundproof…/ or by http://soundproofingmadesimple.com/noise-testing-and-analy…/

Our vision is to become a recognized global citizen, responsible for enhancing the quality of life, health and well being of our customers, by improving their living and working conditions through the elimination of unwanted, unhealthy and dangerous noise. We look forward to talking to you about how we can help you with YOUR noise problem.