Acoustical Panels: Have Them Your Way


It can be argued that approximately 40 years ago, Burger King’s campaign to ‘Have it Your Way’ ushered in a movement of mass customization.

Ever since, consumers have expected to have what they want, how they want it, and when they want it – even though Burger King retired the slogan in 2014.

Now, decades later, the mass customization movement has even permeated the world of soundproofing where the need for acoustic solutions meets the want for customization through products such as our REVRB® acoustical panels, baffles and banners.

Customized, ‘have it your way’ sound-absorbing panels can improve the acoustics, sound quality and clarity of a space while reducing noise, echoing, and reverberation – all without sacrificing style for quiet.

The Harmful Effects of Noise Pollution

Urban life sustains average background noise levels of 60 decibels – loud enough to raise blood pressure and heart rate, cause stress, loss of concentration, and loss of sleep. People living in cities, for example, are regularly exposed to noise above 85 decibels from traffic, subways, industrial activity, and airports which can cause significant hearing loss over time.

And as we’ve discussed previously, hearing damage – unlike other injuries – is irreparable. Eventually, the ability to hear sounds at certain frequencies simply vanishes.

Noise pollution, however, is found everywhere – not just in urban centers. A bank lobby, a conference room at work, the local kennel where you board your pet, and even your favorite restaurant can all have higher levels of echo and reverberation than are recommended. And over time, this exposure adds up.

While the prospect of actively protecting yourself from high levels of seemingly uncontrollable environmental noise can seem daunting, there are steps you can take that can help avoid hearing loss and other noise-related health issues by working to minimize interior noise.

How REVRB® Acoustical Panels Can Help

Customized acoustic soundproofing panels can help reduce unwanted reflected sound in any room or space, without being relegated to the one-size-fits-all utilitarian panels that gave little – if any – consideration to style, décor or environment.

When both aesthetics and acoustics are paramount, designer soundproofing acoustic panels address both needs as they are specifically designed to accomplish the goal of sound absorption and can be customized to match any décor, style or brand – and can even be made to look like a variety of materials as well.

Filled with acoustic insulation to effectively block and absorb unwanted noise and designed to minimize the amount of time a sound takes to stop echoing in an enclosed space, decorative panels can attenuate noise from one side of the panel to the other and are capable of almost completely absorbing noise for outstanding sound-reduction abilities.

Some common applications for acoustic panels include …

  • Reducing the echo, din, and reverberation of voices in large spaces, such as lobbies, atriums, auditoriums, theaters, and concert halls
  • Reducing the chatter and din of voices in crowded spaces, such as bars and restaurants
  • Improving the sound quality and clarity of sound in places like recording studios, mixing rooms, and home theaters

Decorative Acoustic Panels: Case Studies

Broadside Tavern: Broadside Tavern needed a sound mitigation plan carefully designed to address a problem: overpowering echoes within the contemporary Irish Pub. To solve this problem, Sonic-Shield’s parent company, New England Soundproofing, installed REVRB® Acoustical Panels above the bar screen-printed to form an impressive old world-style map of Ireland.

Conference Room Makeover: Due to one glass wall, a glass door, several hard surfaces and the size of the room, our client was experiencing reflective noise issues as sound waves built up inside their conference room. The customer wanted to incorporate a large piece of art into the room’s design so custom-sized acoustical sound panels were fitted around the artwork for a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling arrangement.

Granite State Credit Union: Granite State Credit Union had problems with their reception area as high ceilings, hard wall surfaces and ceramic floors made sound reverberate and speech with their customers difficult to understand. REVRB®  Acoustical Panels were strategically installed on the walls to reduce the reverberation to a more comfortable level, increasing people’s ability to understand each other.

A Solution For Every Need, Aesthetic & Budget

At Sonic-Shield, our ability to manufacture panels into custom configurations, shapes, fabric colors, styles, and screen-printed photographs, images, or logos allows us to create a wide variety of customized, decorative sound reduction systems for any number of commercial and residential applications.

We will customize the solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn how!