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Best Acoustic Panels for Noise Reduction


Acoustic panels have gained increasing popularity in recent years – and it’s easy to see (or hear) why. From restaurants, to conference rooms, to workout facilities, to manufacturing facilities, to veterinary offices, to hotels and bars, to movie theaters and more, acoustic panels effectively reduce, correct or absorb noise pollution.

Since they are highly customizable, there is an acoustic panel to accommodate just about any environment, style or shape. Acoustic panels are commonly used as indoor soundproofing solutions as they reduce echoing, reverberation and other airborne noise to manageable levels.

Make the Right Choice

There are a host of other products that are not well suited for noise suppression but are sold as sound absorbers and some of these are in panel form. The noise source needs to be understood before a panel selection is made. Room acoustics should also be understood by conducting an RT-60 reading before ever ordering a panel. Pretty much any room you will ever find yourself in, has reverberation. In acoustics, the term used to describe reverberation time is RT60. RT meaning reverberation time and 60 being decibels. The RT60 of a room is the time in seconds it takes for a sound to die down completely. We can conduct the RT60 reading for you to help make the right choice for your specific acoustic needs.

REVRB™ Acoustical Panels Solve the Problem

If both aesthetics and acoustics are paramount, REVRB™ panels address both needs as they are specifically designed to accomplish the goal of sound absorption and can be customized to match any décor, style or brand – and can even be made to look like wood, too.

Our REVRB™ sound-dampening acoustical panels are filled with acoustic fiberglass insulation to effectively block and absorb unwanted noise and are designed to minimize the amount of time a sound takes to stop echoing in an enclosed space, reducing the background noise to a more comfortable level. The resulting panel is capable of attenuating noise from one side of the panel to the other and is capable of almost completely absorbing noise for outstanding sound-reduction abilities.

Our selection of REVRB™ acoustical panels range from our Traditional Series to our Designer Series, each boasting distinctions.

Traditional Series: The most cost-effective acoustical treatment, this series is insulated with a new, lightweight design, allowing for easy installation and offers the same acoustical fabric options as the Designer Series.

Designer Series: This series is completely customizable, both acoustically and aesthetically, with thousands of fabric colors, styles, shapes, and the option to opt for a screen-printed panel with a photograph, image, or logo.

At Sonic-Shield, our ability to manufacture panels into custom shapes and configurations allows us to create a wide variety of sound reduction systems for any number of industrial, commercial and residential applications. We will customize the solution to your needs. Contact us today to learn how!