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A Quick Guide For Stopping Industrial Noise


Commercial and industrial machinery is necessary for running large buildings, institutions and businesses. This machinery and its processes are comprised of various noise sources that can negatively impact the work environment, neighboring buildings and people. Therefore, solving for this type of noise is critical.

Machinery noise bounces off hard surfaces and back into the workspace space, causing safety hazards, interfering with production, and ultimately costing your company money. Further, the sounds can be distracting – and more distractions make for reduced productivity and increased safety hazards.

Solving the Noise Issue: Identifying Commercial & Industrial Noise

The development of an effective solution starts by first identifying the noise that is offensive, then determining the noise transmission path(s) and measuring the acoustic characteristics of the noise. The noise transmission path is simply the identification of the source of the noise and determining how it arrives at your ear.

The environmental impact of industrial processes such as generators, vacuums, pumps, vent blow-offs, rooftop fans and HVAC equipment, chillers, cooling towers, oil and gas building ventilation systems, and other noise generating processes makes it important to be proactive in noise control.

Thankfully, noise attenuation can be achieved by decreasing the intensity or volume of sound in a controlled environment, and there are many noise reduction strategies that can be employed in industrial settings.

Businesses can protect employees and improve productivity through the use of noise-control applications, and one of the most effective and logical approaches to noise attenuation is to install noise-minimizing systems that:

  • Provide a safe work environment
  • Prevent hearing loss
  • Increase productivity by decreasing distractions
  • Reduce complaints from neighboring buildings

At Sonic-Shield, we offer a broad range of high-performing noise control products and custom engineered systems to solve for the most common to the most unusual and complex industrial and commercial noise control problems.

Solving the Noise Issue: Soundproofing Commercial & Industrial Machinery

There are four different approaches that can be implemented to attenuate commercial and industry machinery noise using soundproofing panels and curtains:

  1. Sound Attenuating Walls: This approach is relatively easy to implement and comes at a moderate-to-high cost, considering the cost of installation.
  2. Soundproof Enclosures: This approach involves completely enclosing each motor with a sound-attenuating enclosure.
  3. Roll-Away Panels: This approach involves suspending panels on the sides, front and top of the motor on a roll-away carriage. This approach is the easiest to implement.
  4. Suspended Sonic-Curtains: This approach involves creation of a structural frame (out of Unistrut) that is bolted to the floor around the motors, onto which Sonic-Curtains would be hung.

At Sonic-Shield, we know each noise issue, business, and project is different with unique circumstances so we let our experience and expertise help you find the best solution for your needs, whether your application requires a simple soundproof curtain partition or a complete suite of acoustical test cells.

Our acoustical experts have experience in industrial and commercial facilities to keep noise down and communities peaceful. Get in touch today.