At this exact moment, you’re hearing things – whether you realize it or not. Maybe it's the “quiet” din of a busy office, your dog playing with a toy in the other room, airplanes overhead or sirens in the distance. Whatever the sonic landscape may be for you at this exact..

At Sonic-Shield, we use both sound barrier and/or sound absorption materials to dampen or completely deaden noise from a variety of sources. Soundproofing for commercial buildings requires understanding the types of indoor noise, such as interior sound transmission, sound..

All types of manufacturing facilities – recycling plants, automotive manufacturers, power generation plants, food manufacturers and more – use machinery that can be linked to harmful and disruptive noises coming right from their production floor. Further, their equipment –..

It’s likely that when you think of ‘soundproofing,’ you think of residences, manufacturing or even commercial venues for concerts and events.

Commercial and industrial machinery is necessary for running large buildings, institutions and businesses. This machinery and its processes are comprised of various noise sources that can negatively impact the work environment, neighboring buildings and people. Therefore, ..

Often when designing and building a construction project, too little – if any – attention is paid to architectural acoustics. Since it’s exponentially easier to provide soundproofing at the onset of a building project rather than retroactively, it stands to reason that all..

Maintaining suitable noise levels in a manufacturing or industrial environment often proves challenging as the noise output from machinery can be deafening.

As a business owner, it’s important to understand the impact of noise to not only adhere to the specific noise regulations your particular location or community may have but also to ensure compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). And as we’ve ..

When it comes to construction efficiency, modular building is quickly becoming the new industry standard. From their efficiency to the ease of build, it's no surprise that modular construction is gaining popularity. More and more commercial contractors and residential..

There are many ways sound is transmitted in and around your home that can cause troublesome noise issues. The good news is that there are a variety of products that can significantly dampen or completely deaden noise depending on its source. While performing a sound test can..

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