Sonic-Shield Soundproofing Services

Sonic-Shield soundproofing services provide customized solutions designed for each customer and their noise problem or vibration problem on an individual basis.

Sonic-Shield soundproofing services use Norsonic Acoustical Cameras
Norsonic Acoustical Camera

Our staff includes technical experts with advanced degrees in engineering with numerous years of experience solving noise and vibration problems in the automotive, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, biomedical and building industries.  We provide expert technical advice and consulting services to assist our customers in solving the most challenging noise and vibration problems.  These services include the following:

Acoustical Testing

We can perform noise and vibration testing using a variety of sound level meters, dynamic signal analyzers, microphones, accelerometers or acoustic cameras. These tests focus on identifying root causes of noise problems, noise transmission paths and frequency spectra of the noise.  These measurements are needed in order to recommend or develop optimum and cost-effective noise and vibration control solutions. Learn More.

Site Survey Testing

We can perform on-site acoustical testing using a variety of instrumentation to identify noise problems and assess their impact on factories, homes, neighborhoods or communities. Some of these tests may be required to demonstrate compliance with OSHA, EPA or community noise standards.  From these tests, we can recommend effective soundproofing solutions to achieve and maintain compliance with noise standards and ordinances. Learn More.

Acoustical Analysis

For certain problems, such as those dealing with community noise or if numerous noise sources or noise transmission paths are present, we will use acoustical simulation codes, such as Cadna-A™ or Soundplan™ to model the noise. The benefit of such models is that we can perform parametric (“what if”) analyses using several different types and configurations of noise control materials and products.

Vibration Analysis

For noise problems that are caused by vibration of equipment, we can perform finite element analyses using software such as NASTRAN™. This enables us to simulate and evaluate the structural behavior through the addition of stiffeners, tuned mass dampers, constrained damping layers or vibration isolators.

Experimental Modal Analysis

For certain structures that are not suitable for analytical modeling, we can perform experimental modal analyses of the actual structure using software such as ME’Scope™. This enables us to extract the natural vibration modes of structures and assess how the structure is being excited by operational loads.

Acoustic Design

Once we have an understanding of noise problems and noise transmission paths, we can develop optimum and cost effective soundproofing solutions involving materials, panels, enclosures or fences using computer-aided design tools, such as AutoCAD.

Custom Fabrication and Prototype Development & Installation

We have our own manufacturing facility which is used to develop prototypes and custom soundproofing solutions for testing and evaluation. Our technicians and engineers are available to install our soundproofing solutions at customer sites and perform on-site testing to optimize the design and ensure that soundproofing specifications are satisfied.

Turnkey Installation

We offer turnkey soundproofing installation in many areas across the country. Contact us for more information.

Full Customer Support

Our technical experts are available to provide you a free consultation via e-mail or telephone to better understand your problem and to provide advice on the selection of sound attenuation materials and products. If a problem is too complex to be solved remotely, we will recommend that we perform consulting on a fee-for-service basis.

We would love to speak with you about your noise or vibration problem and look forward to showing you how our process driven approach to noise and vibration problems has successfully provided Sonic-Shield’s soundproofing services and solutions to customers time after time.

Licenses & Registrations

Florida State Contractors license: Joseph Drago/Sonic Shield; CBC1264381

Construction Industry Licensing Board (FL): CBC1264381

Home Improvement Contractors registration: 124384

Construction Supervisor License (MA): CS69158

Construction Supervisor License (RI): 41214

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