Sonic-Shield offers soundproofing solutions to reduce noise

Sonic-Shield offers soundproofing solutions to reduce noise but that is not all that we do nor is it all that we are about as a company.

On our Vision and Mission page you will find out about our values and beliefs. You will find out about our daily commitments to ourselves, our suppliers and most importantly to YOU, our customers.  Finally, we hope to show you why we are different and why we are worthy of your consideration and your business.

At last count, we had identified over 400 U.S. based companies, large and small, that offer “soundproofing solutions” or soundproofing products or soundproofing services of one sort or another. That does not count acoustical consultants and other “one person operations” in the world of soundproofing. How can we possibly be different from all of them?

Our customers tell us how we are different and they tell us why we are different. If given the opportunity, we will let you speak with our customers for references. We don’t want you to take our word for our competence, our follow through and our follow up. We want to let the real world speak on our behalf.

While Sonic-Shield offers soundproofing solutions to reduce noise, we specialize in developing customized soundproofing solutions to solve your most demanding noise or vibration problems.

Our team of acoustic experts can help you pinpoint sources of noise and rapidly develop cost effective solutions to eliminate, block or absorb the noise. That’s right! We stressed rapidly and cost effectively. Two attributes of our business that our customers have told us makes us different……….very different!

Sonic-Shield offers soundproofing solutions to reduce noise by using Acoustical Camera Testing Services at a Power Generation Facility
Power Generation Facility

Sonic-Shield believes that while there may be similarities, no two noise pollution problems are exactly alike. Accordingly, our soundproofing solutions reflect our ability to identify and when necessary, develop and fabricate the appropriate soundproofing materials for your particular needs.

Whether you have a noise pollution or vibration problem requiring an immediate solution or have the luxury of planning for a problem that will exist in the future, indoors or outdoors, we would like to discuss your noise or vibration problem with you.