Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl

Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl is a flexible visco-elastic polymer that reduces the transmission of noise through walls, panels, partitions and enclosures. It won’t shrink, rot or cause metal corrosion and also features a strong resistance to adverse environmental condi­tions, oils, some acids and alkalis.  Furthermore, Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl does not contain hazardous materials, lead or other heavy metals.

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) is obtained through testing by a certified laboratory to ASTM standards.  The STC describes how well the material attenuates airborne sound, and is generally related to the amount of noise that the material is capable of attenuating.  For example, a typical wall in a residential house has an STC of 33, meaning that it can attenuate 33 dB from one side of the wall to the other.  The addition of Sonic-Shield™ to the wall can significantly increase the STC to over 50.  Additional noise reduction can be obtained by using Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier with a sound absorbing material, such as Sonic-Fiber™.

Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier mass loaded vinyl is also available with a reinforced aluminum foil facing, which gives it a UL Class A fire rating per ASTM E-84, “Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials”.  Class A is the highest degree of fire resistance, which means that it resists the penetration of fire as a result of a standard fire exposure.  We recommend use of Class A Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier mass loaded vinyl in applications where fire resistance is required by building codes, including walls, doors, roofs, attics, elevators, equipment rooms, etc.  Other applications that may require Class A materials include high temperature applications, such as HVAC duct liners and engine compartments.

What is the difference between your product and other mass loaded vinyls on the market?

There is no basic difference except for the company telling you how to use and install the product. Pay attention to the word INSTALL. Correct installation is critical to this product working the way it is designed to work. There are over 100 companies in the U.S. selling the same basic product, made by a very small group of resin extruders. The product is made from resin pellets that are melted and extruded into massively long sheets of flexible vinyl material and then cut into sheets and rolled and shipped to distributors. We do not make Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl, we buy it and put our own label on it.

Why does everyone sell a Mass Loaded Vinyl and why are all the names different when the pictures look the same?

Different companies will try to convince you that they have a proprietary formula that makes THEIR MLV better than any other on the market. We could list the brands of MLV  on the market today, including our own, and the rest of this page will be filled with nothing but names. Think of MLV like bottled water. Aquafina (Pepsi) and Dasani (Coca-Cola) have their own brands of bottled water. Nestle, owns an entire family of bottled water brands all over the country- see below- look familiar?

Bottled water brands
Bottle Water

The bottles are all the same because the brand’s parent is the same- different labels, same product. Mass Loaded Vinyl is no different. It is a commodity item that is very effective at blocking sound which is why everyone uses it, recommends it, and private labels it.Sonic-Shield wants to get our brand name into the market just like anyone else, hence we have private labeled our MLV. But- at least we are honest about it and are telling you like it is. There is no proprietary formula of MLV on the market in the United States today that is worth some of the pricing that we see on a daily basis. Call us up and we will talk to you about it in person, what to watch out for, and give you an idea of a fair price to pay for product that everyone has and sells.

Where to use Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl?  

Anyplace that you want or need to block sound is a candidate for MLV. Different pages on our website talk about sound barriers, sound dampeners, sound absorption products and combining all of them together to make even more effective products. You can use MLV in walls, floors, ceilings, cars, boats, acoustical panels, and we could give you a list that goes on for page after page.

If I can get this product just about anywhere, under a variety of brand names, why should I talk to you about  Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl?

We want to treat you the way we would want to be treated BY you. If we have not earned your trust and respect by being honest with you about our main product line, perhaps we are not right for each other anyway. Learn more about our vision and mission.

Now that you have made such a big deal about Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl– what does this stuff look like anyway?

Ok- here is a picture of MLV and a link to a product specification sheet. Have more questions? Lets chat instead of this web page doing all the talking. Fill out a contact form and we will get back with you by phone or email at your convenience. We look forward to helping you with your noise problem. We might even name an MLV brand after you!

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Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl

Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier Mass Loaded Vinyl