Sonic-Shield looking for quality soundproofing distributors.

That’s right, we need quality distributors!  What do we mean when we say quality? Sonic-Shield’s soundproofing business is growing rapidly, both in the United States and offshore, currently in 4 countries, so we are looking for well established companies who are ready to help us handle rapid growth. If you operate in multiple states or countries we are interested in speaking with you. However, if you are a specialist in one geographic area with great penetration into a specific class of trade we are also interested in speaking with you.

When we say Sonic-Shield looking for quality soundproofing distributors, we mean companies who are familiar with acoustical and soundproofing product lines. We are looking for audio dealers, home theater dealers, car stereo dealers, construction company supply houses, fencing companies, marine supply houses, boat and yacht builders, companies that specialize in supplying a certain class of trade such as oil drilling, fracking, mining or any type of heavy industry. We are also looking for companies who share our values and beliefs. If your company is experienced with the installation of soundproofing materials both indoors and outdoors that is a plus! 

We are not looking for “one man” operations or distributors for whom acoustical and soundproofing products would require a major learning curve.

So, if you have an established business from which you can provide referrals we will not insult you by making you fill out a “survey” but rather, would like to speak with you in person about your current business and how our product lines fit into your current business model.

Our product lines are varied, from basic mass loaded vinyl to custom designed acoustical enclosures to mineral wool.

To speak with one of our executives in charge of our distributors there are three ways to contact us;

If you would like to speak with someone immediately, you can call 1-888-769-0766

You can send us an email at:

Finally, you can fill out the contact form below. We will be happy to contact you in whatever fashion is most convenient for you, phone or email and at a time that fits your schedule, not ours.

We will respond to you within 24 hours if you fill out the form or send us an email.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to speaking with you soon.