Sonic-Shield® Presents: Pyrotek's Quadzero™ NL

Fire-Resistant, Foil Faced Flexible Noise Barrier


Quadzero™ NL is a high-performance, foil faced mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss and upgraded fire resistance.

With a fire-resistant foil facing, Quadzero™ NL was developed to meet stringent fire safety requirements in the marine,  building and transport sectors. The product achieves the highest fire ratings, complying with International Marine Organization Standards for low spread of flame, as well as  British, German, American and Australian building and transportation standards for heat release, toxicity and flame propagation properties.

The upgraded fire safety provided by Quadzero™ NL is offered without reducing the strength, tear resistance or flexibility.Stiff panel constructions, such as plasterboard, drywall, plywood and hollow core doors allow noise to transmit through them. The thin, dense mass barrier of Quadzero™ NL reflects and dissipates the transmission of sound through walls, ceilings and floors, reducing the critical frequencies generated from mechanical equipment, engine noise and electronic  devices.


Pyrotek's Quadzero™ NL Applications

  • Inside cavities or over lightweight wall, ceiling and floor constructions.
  • Applied in marine engine rooms & deck heads to reduce noise transmission.
  • Railroad carriages for under floor insulation to reduce track and brake noise.
  • Around the outside of metal air ducts.
  • Wrapped around noisy pipes, i.e. fluid or gas pulsation in chemical, petrochemical and waste water treatment plants.

Pyrotek's Quadzero™ NL Features

  • Free from lead, unrefined odor-producing oils and bitumen
  • Complies to IMO FTP 2010 – low spread of flame
  • Multiple methods of installation are accepted by USA Coast Guard (USCG)
  • Complies to BS476.6 and 7- Class 0
  • Easy to cut, tape and mechanically fasten into position
  • Self-extinguishes upon removal of flame
  • Resistant to water, oil and natural weather conditions>
  • Tear resistant with high tensile strength. Ability to be suspended in lengths of up to 5 meters.

VOC Statement

Quadzero™ products contain no ozone-depleting substances and comply with European and Australian standards for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.


Color Silver (Aluminum Face)
Packaging (Standard)

Width: 1350 mm

Length (linear m): 5-10 m

Weight (kg/m²): 5,8,10

Custom depending on MOQ

Quadzero™ NL Data Sheet and Specifications


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