Sound Barriers vs. Sound Absorption

Sonic-Shield offers a full range of soundproofing products and develops customized soundproofing solutions to solve even the most demanding noise problems. Our team of acoustic experts can help you pinpoint sources of noise and rapidly develop cost effective solutions to eliminate, block or absorb the noise.

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We believe that while there may be similarities and that no two noise pollution problems are exactly alike. Accordingly, our soundproofing solutions reflect our ability to identify, and when necessary, develop and fabricate the appropriate soundproofing materials for your particular needs. Sonic-Shield explains sound barriers vs. sound absorption as part of our solution finding process.

Whether you have a problem requiring an immediate solution or have the luxury of planning for a problem that will exist in the future, inside or outside, we would like to discuss your noise or vibration problem with you.

Sonic-Shield explains sound barriers vs. sound absorption over and over again, because most of our customized solutions use two families of products: sound barriers and/or sound absorption materials.

The first product family, commonly referred to as “mass loaded vinyl,” is a barrier product available in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to handle any job, inside or outside.

Sound Barriers

Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier is a flexible mass loaded vinyl (MLV) that reduces the transmission of noise through walls, panels, partitions and enclosures. It won’t shrink, rot or cause metal corrosion and also features a strong resistance to adverse environmental condi­tions, oils, some acids and alkalis. Furthermore, Sonic-Shield™ Noise Barrier does not contain hazardous materials, lead or other heavy metals.

Our second family of solution providing products are referred to as mineral wool and act primarily as absorption materials. Also available in dozens of variations, they may be used by themselves or in combination with the Sonic-Shield Noise Barrier product mentioned above.

Sound Absorption

Sonic-Fiber Noise Absorber is a semi-flexible non-asbestos mineral wool that provides greater sound attenuation than fiberglass bats or urethane foam. Sonic-Fiber is naturally hydrophobic (repels water), fire resistant and does not promote mold growth. It is available in sheets that are either un-faced or faced on one side with an encapsulant which protects the fibers and acts like a vapor barrier.  Sonic-Fiber comes in standard size sheets of 4’ x 6’ with a 2” thickness, and a density of 8 lbs/cu-ft.

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Sonic-Shield explains sound barriers vs. sound absorption and our Sonic-Shield Noise barrier is just that, a barrier product
Sonic-Shield explains sound barriers vs. sound absorption and our Sonic-Fiber is a great example of an absorption product