REVRB® Traditional Series Acoustical Panels

The REVRB® Traditional Series is our cost-effective alternative to our REVRB® Designer Series acoustical product line. The Traditional Series utilizes the same 2” rigid framing used in our Designer Series, but is instead insulated with a new, lightweight design, allowing for easy installation on ceilings and walls. While the Traditional Series does not allow for customized panel and baffle features, it does offer the same acoustical fabric options as the Designer Series, including screen-printing, and carries the same Class A fire-rating and noise reduction coefficient of 1.05.

REVRB Traditional Series Acoustical PanelThe REVRB® Traditional Series of sound-attenuating acoustical panels and baffles are acoustically and aesthetically tailored to meet your individual needs and personal style. These custom-built products are specifically designed to help reduce the echo and reverberation within a given space.

Each 2” REVRB® Traditional Acoustic panel and REVRB® Traditional Acoustic baffle is handmade in our workshop using the finest acoustical fabrics, allergen-free insulations, with rigid backing and edging for stability and product longevity. The entire Traditional Series carries a Class A fire-rating while maintaining a noise reducing coefficient (NRC) of 1.05.

All REVRB® Traditional products have a hard wood edge enabling them to withstand a major impact without damage. The hard wood edging allows for their fabric covering to always lay flat and smooth without showing any imperfection when the core is impacted.

In addition to residential installations, REVRB® Traditional Series products have been installed in conference rooms, restaurants, schools, pet hospitals, theaters and many more commercial locations.

REVRB panels in Miniature Mart

Example of REVRB® Traditional Series Acoustical Panels at a Gaming Superstore


Another example of REVRB® Traditional Series Acoustical Panels at a school gymnasium.

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