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Restaurant Soundproofing

We Provide The Best Acoustical Solution For Restaurants!


Sonic-Shield offers a full range of technical consulting services, solutions, materials and products to improve the acoustics in restaurants and other interior meeting spaces.  Our team of acoustic experts can help you identify noise problems, calculate room reverberation times and assist you in selecting and providing the appropriate materials and products to eliminate, block or absorb unwanted noise. Soundproofing a restaurant is never easy, but with our process sound reduction is always attainable. We can lower the noise in your restaurant!


Acoustical Treatments Made In The U.S.A

Often when designing and building a restaurant, too little – if any – attention is paid to architectural acoustics.

Our advice? Since it’s exponentially easier to provide soundproofing at the onset of a building project rather than retroactively, it stands to reason that all new construction projects should consult with us prior to breaking ground.


Already have a existing restaurant? No Problem! Our advice is to give us a call because we understand noise and the wide variety of options for soundproofing materials. After identifying the path(s) the noise will travel, an we can map out a plan for the best absorption materials or sound barrier materials are best suited for your restaurant.


A Soundproofing Partner For Your Loud Restaurant

At Sonic-Shield, our acoustical engineers can conduct the necessary testing and calculation in order to develop and supply the appropriate sound abatement materials and products to reduce your restaurant’s noise from offending acoustics to acceptable, comfortable and healthy limits.

If you’re currently struggling with a loud restaurant that requires an immediate solution or have the luxury of planning for a problem that may exist in the future, we would love the opportunity to help.

Contact one of our soundproofing experts today.

REVRB Acoustics And Restaurants - How It Is A Perfect Match.  

Soundproofing a restaurant is always a unique challenge as all restaurants are different. Even “chain” operations that look exactly the same, frequently have different acoustical characteristics. Whenever we are called by a restaurant owner to help them with noise levels we follow the same process, described below. Completely soundproofing a restaurant is almost never desired; after all, who wants to enjoy a meal in a place that is quiet as a tomb, but most diners want to be able to carry on a normal conversation with their companion(s), thus restaurant noise is one of the most frequently mentioned components of a restaurant review.

The Answer - REVRB Acoustics

Sonic-Shield provides custom acoustical solutions using REVRB Acoustical products, like the Traditional Series Acoustical panels, or Designer Series custom baffles. Using REVRB Acoustics in your restaurants allows us to completely customize the design and calculate the correct amount of acoustics needed for your dinning area. We are capable to calculate the exact amount of REVRB acoustical products that are needed to bring the reverberation down within your restaurant. 

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