New England Soundproofing Continues Strong Growth with the Acquisition of Sonic-Shield and New Florida Division

New England Soundproofing of Easton, Massachusetts has taken its two-year old partnership with Sonic-Shield LLC of Port Richey, Florida to a new level by acquiring the company in an asset purchase agreement. New England Soundproofing immediately gains an expanded footprint by acquiring Sonic-Shield’s national marketing reach and customer base while Sonic-Shield benefits from the manufacturing synergies provided by New England Soundproofing for their rapidly growing national brand of REVRB ™acoustic panels.

Additionally, to expand their east coast footprint focusing on commercial and residential sales, New England Soundproofing has created a new division, also based in Port Richey, called Florida-Soundproofing.

“Sonic-Shield has been one of the most successful distributors of our REVRB™ acoustical panels for the past two years” said Joe Drago, President of New England Soundproofing. “When Sonic’s ownership decided to exit the business, it made sense for us to complete this acquisition before a competitor stepped in with an offer. We have worked closely with Sonic-Shield for the past two years as our two businesses complement each other. Their focus on industrial soundproofing and our penetration of the commercial soundproofing and acoustics market clearly bring benefits to both organizations.”

The addition of Sonic-Shield and the formation of Florida-Soundproofing brings to four, the number of soundproofing and acoustic solution providers under the New England Soundproofing umbrella as they join REVRB ™ Acoustics, the Massachusetts based manufacturing division of custom-made acoustic panels and baffles owned by New England Soundproofing.

Sonic-Shield will continue to focus on their national customer base of industrial and commercial clients, while providing technical support and testing services to the other three companies. Sonic-Shield will continue to manufacture industrial soundproofing products for New England Soundproofing.

“An increase in warehousing space, expanded product offerings and lower cost of goods from greater buying power are just a few of the benefits that will accrue to all four divisions” said Anthony Drago, a second-generation family member and co-owner of New England Soundproofing.

Steven Drago, Anthony’s brother, who coordinated the acquisition of Sonic-Shield for New England Soundproofing added, “While we will also clearly benefit from marketing and advertising synergies, most importantly we now have much deeper bench strength comprised of acoustical professionals who will work interchangeably across all four divisions as the business dictates.”

The newly opened division called Florida-Soundproofing, officed with Sonic-Shield, will focus mainly on Florida based opportunities in commercial and residential segments areas. The Florida division will offer installations as well as making the REVRB™ acoustic line of products a major priority with commercial customers.

“Sonic-Shield has been doubling their business for each of the past three years and we believe in this case, it is more efficient to buy market share rather than taking the time to build it. This is a unique opportunity for us that it is too good to pass up.” added Joe.


New England Soundproofing has been serving clients in and around the greater Boston area since 2011. Based in Easton, Massachusetts, New England Soundproofing provides not only a complete range of acoustic and soundproofing products but offers complete installation services as well, making New England Soundproofing the only full-service soundproofing company in the greater Boston area.
Contact Anthony Drago: 781-710-1261; New England Soundproofing 

REVRB™ Acoustics, a division of New England Soundproofing, produces a full range of acoustical wall and ceiling panels along with acoustical clouds and baffles to absorb sound. All REVRB™ sound absorption products reduce unwanted echo, reverberation and background noise and are custom made for each specific client need. REVRB™ products are sold through a nationwide network of distributors as well as being available directly from the Massachusetts manufacturing facility.
Contact Steve Drago: 781-710-1261; REVRB Acoustics

Sonic-Shield LLC is based in Port Richey, Florida and has been providing acoustic and soundproofing products and services since 2016. Servicing a national customer base, Sonic-Shield works with a network of INCE certified acousticians to provide acoustical testing and consulting services to an industrial and commercial client base.
Contact Paul Getts: 888-769-0766; Sonic-Shield

Florida-Soundproofing is based in Port Richey, FL and is focused on providing commercial and residential acoustic solutions to a Florida customer base.

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