Sonic-Shield LLC offers suite of soundproofing services and products


Port Richey, FL – Sonic-Shield LLC has begun to offer consulting services to enhance the quality of life, health and well being of our customers by improving their living and working conditions through the elimination of unwanted, unhealthy and dangerous noise.

Through a suite of service and product offerings we can recommend effective soundproofing solutions to achieve and maintain compliance with noise standards and ordinances. Sonic-Shield LLC is a soundproofing services company, focused on providing solutions, not a product focused company. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Acoustical Testing
  • Site Survey Testing
  • Acoustical Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Experimental Modal Analysis
  • Acoustic Design
  • Custom Fabrication and Prototype Development
  • Installation

Sonic-Shield has a manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment, which is used to develop prototypes and customized soundproofing solutions for testing and evaluation.

Our technicians and engineers are available to install our soundproofing solutions at customer locations and perform on-site testing to optimize our designs and ensure that soundproofing specifications are satisfied.
While we do sell soundproofing products and in fact have a number of product lines under our own brand names, we are generally “product agnostic,” meaning we will provide or suggest whatever soundproofing product will best solve your noise pollution problem, whether it is our own label or has to be procured from another company.

“We are a nationally known manufacturer who had a potential OSHA violation on our hands at one of our manufacturing facilities. We were intrigued by Sonic-Shield’s claims to be focused on customer solutions rather than simply selling soundproofing products so we decided to give them a try. To our pleasant surprise, we got exactly what they told us to expect, an individual “diagnosis” of our problem, a customized solution for OUR situation and more importantly for our budget! What really impressed us was a visit to our job site a week after the installation of a soundproofing enclosure to make sure that everything was working as planned. The set of readings they took after the installation confirmed our own readings. We can’t speak highly enough about the entire staff and the care they took to understand and then find a solution for our problem.” XXXXX from Company XXXXX

Sonic-Shield LLC is a soundproofing consulting company located in Port Richey, Fl. servicing industrial, commercial and residential customers in all 50 states, with soundproofing services and products.