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Reduce noise and improve your quality of life

Do you live in a multifamily condo or townhouse? Is sound from your neighbors impacting your life? Is your single-family home noisy? Sonic Shield can help reduce noise and improve your quality of life.

Footsteps or doors and cabinets opening and closing from the space above you are sources of the most common noise complaints we get with owners; this is impact noise.

Talking and TV, stereo sound is the second most common noise problem we get from residential customers. This is called airborne noise.

Sonic Shield can provide significant improvements with reducing the impact and /or airborne noise that impacts us daily in our homes.

Let’s talk about impact noise first, footfall, closing doors, and dropped items are noise sources caused by impacts. Impact is sudden, jarring, and usually unexpected which makes this noise particularly irritating to live with. The vibration caused by the impact, gets inside the building structure (wood, concrete, steel) and travels, sometimes for great distances. Once impact sound “excites” the structure of the building, it can impact several areas and can skip over areas and show itself somewhere else in the building. The sound will find its transmission path. Most high-end multifamily buildings today take steps in the design stage to minimize this problem.

Once the structure is complete, the only option that Sonic Shield feels will provide satisfactory results for most of the public for impact noise issues, is to replace the old ceiling with a new ceiling that is isolated from the structure as much as possible, the more airspace we are given to work with (ceiling height) the more performance we can provide. Expect to lose around 3” to 4” of ceiling height depending on your ceiling assembly.

The other noise issue associated with many homes today, is airborne noise. This comes from TV’s, conversation, traffic noise, and equipment noise. First thing we do is identify the noise source and where the transmission paths are, once they are identified, steps to break the transmission path are addressed. This can be as simple as locating and sealing the franking noise paths, or the need for construction of a noise barrier around the noise source. Whatever your noise problem, we only use USA made products to assure the best quality and performance for all our noise solutions.

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