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Office & Conference Room Soundproofing

We Have Solutions For Drop Ceiling, Wall, And Room Echo.

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We Know Office and Conference Room Space. When you are trying to create a productive office environment or a soothing retail space, soundproofing is a must. Noise can result in loss of productivity in the workspace, or cause stress to customers and clients you are aiming to please. The proper acoustic design can prevent these issues from hurting your bottom line. 

One common problem today is excess reverberation bouncing around an office and impacting rooms next door. Sometimes it is the drop ceiling just not strong enough to keep the conversations in the room. Then there is sometimes the walls not strong enough to block noise. - But We Have The Solution!


Acoustical Treatments Made In The U.S.A

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Sonic-Shield has helped soundproof thousands of office and conference rooms throughout the US!

We have the best solutions around for any office and conference room with any sound issues. Our expert sales team are up to date on the best solutions for any noise issue that your company might have. Dont be fooled by the online stores selling "pre-made" packages, every sound issues has a custom solution to make sure it gets solved correctly. Weither you are a small or large company that has a small or large office and conference room, we have a solution that will fit any budget and room.

Here are some of the companies we helped:

  • Constant Contact

  • Spotify

  • American Airlines

  • Advisor 360

  • Bose

  • CW Keller Real Estate

  • Dunkin' Donuts

  • Hyatt Hotels

  • Police Departments

  • Granite State Credit Union

  • Sun Hydraulics

  • Morgan & Morgan


REVRB Acoustics

Our #1 solution for reducing echo and reverberation in the room. REVRB Acoustics is so versatile we can utilize it in many fashions - from reducing the echo in the room to blocking noise from leaving the room - we can customize the product to fit your need. We can add REVRB acoustical panels and baffles to the office and conference room to reduce the echo. Because ithas a high absorption value, we can calculate how many panels is needed to bring your room to a comfortable level. We also can customize REVRB Panels to create a barrier on your wall if noise is going through the walls of your office or conference room. We Have designed a way to increase the sound blocking characteristics of the REVRB Designer panels that we can do floor to ceiling panels, mounted on your wall, and will stop noise from going through. This allows us to help with soundproofing a wall without even touching the wall or doing any demo. A very fast and effective solution.  For any more information call us today!


ThunderTile - Soundproof Ceiling Tiles

Americas only tile that is made to stop the noise from leaving the room! This tile is uniquely

designed to block and reduce the noise from escaping office and conference rooms. If your

business has a drop ceiling, more than likely all the noise is going through the low end ceiling

tiles and bothering neighboring units. With ThunderTile, you don't have to worry about it any

more. Replacing your 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling tiles with ThunderTile, you will reduce the noise transfer.

Most office and conference room walls do not go up to the structured ceiling, so noise will go

through the ceiling tile, and into the next office. But when you replace your old tile with ThunderTile

you will be adding Mass and higher absorption to your ceiling, reducing the noise from going through

your ceiling to the neighboring office or conference room. This is a quick and easily solution to allow you to soundproof any drop ceiling. Contact us today to learn more about our ThunderTile Ceiling system today!


Door Seal Kits

Doors might seem to be a non-issue for conference rooms or offices, but usually these doors dont properly seal off to stop the noise from coming through. We suggest having a solid core door and applying our Door Seal and Sweep kit to reduce any noise leaking from the perimeter of the door. Visit our Door Soundproofing Page to learn more on how to properly soundproof your conference and office door.

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