Motor Noise

Motor noise, engine noise, generator noise, chiller noise, pump noise, transformer noise, air handlers, industrial grinding machines, filler noise and countless other machines make the workplace a dangerous place to be when it comes to noise pollution. So much so, that the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that an employer must administer a continuing, effective hearing conservation program whenever employees are exposed to noise levels that are at or above an eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA) of 85 dBA.

Minimum requirements of a hearing conservation program include additional monitoring, hearing tests, use of hearing protection devices, employee training and education, and additional record keeping. It is therefore within an employer’s financial interest and the employee’s health interest, that noise from operating equipment be kept below maximum exposure levels. Motor noise is one of the most common problems we deal with in industrial and commercial settings because motors or engines tend to power most of the other machines we mentioned above.

Four pump/motor assemblies in a power generation facility emitted motor noise that exceeded 95 dBA, which was more than 10 dB greater than OSHA maximum exposure levels of 85 dBA.  Sonic-Shield engineers visited the site, took acoustical and physical measurements, and designed an acoustical enclosure capable of reducing the motor noise, while allowing cooling air to freely flow over the motor.

Within two weeks, Sonic-Shield fabricated the enclosures, shipped them to the customer site and installed them on the pump/motor assemblies.  These enclosures were demonstrated to reduce the motor noise from the equipment from over 95 dBA to less than 83 dBA, satisfying noise specifications, which allowed the pump/motor assemblies to be accepted by the power generation facility.

Sonic-Shield develops and provides solutions for noise and vibration control problems in industrial, commercial and residential applications. We offer a full range of products and capabilities to develop cost-effective solutions for the most demanding noise pollution problems.  Our team of experts can recommend materials and solutions or we can assist you by performing tests to diagnose problems, designing and developing solutions, and fabricating and installing customized soundproofing systems and products.

Acoustic Banners and Baffles quiet motor noise in a car wash
Acoustic Baffles and Banners treating blower area in carwash