Mashpee Lanes Bowl & Bistro

    Mashpee Lanes Bowl & Bistro was the perfect acoustical storm, with unsafe sound volume coming from multiple sources. The venue’s concept is as unique as its noise issues: An upscale bowling alley that transforms into a nightclub and next to a lunch/dinner bistro with a full bar and live entertainment. Add to that high, steel ceilings, exposed ductwork, oversized picture windows, bare concrete floors, and unadorned wooden tables, not to mention bowling and live bands. Obviously though, noise is part of the venue’s atmosphere and should be invited, but the owners needed to control the volume to eliminate the echo that made it impossible for the employees to hear the customers and for the customers to hear each other.

    That’s when Sonic-Shield’s parent company New England Soundproofing entered the picture. When owner Jeff Moore asked how to decrease the noise level, we knew our custom REVRB® acoustic panel would do the trick. Various REVRB® panels were installed on the metal ceiling, as well as acoustic baffles hanging from the ceiling. The reduction of reverberation made a remarkable difference. Now customer, staff and even the live bands that play there are more than satisfied with the noise levels. We were able to match the colors to enhance the décor of the restaurant. With the acoustic treatment, customers are more relaxed and willing to come back again and again.

    Revrb™ panels installed on the metal ceiling of a bowling alley-1

    Revrb® panels installed on the metal ceiling of a bowling alley


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