Marine Noise

Sonic-Shield has identified Marine Noise as a type of noise with which we need to be concerned. We want to be clear about something. Sonic-Shield is as concerned about the underwater marine noise pollution wreaking havoc with marine species the world over as we are about ambient boat noise, waterborne noise and noise from industrial and commercial sites along the shores of rivers, lakes and oceans.

At times, our blog will publish articles about marine noise pollution and its effects on sea mammals and other aquatic species. BUT, this is a website for human beings with noise problems and how to solve them, and not a website that is focused on marine life, its health and what mankind can do to mitigate the effects of our impact on countless species living in the water. We are not trying to be callous, just targeting expectations. If you came to this page to read about noise pollution IN the oceans, lakes, ponds and rivers, you have come to the wrong page.

We will however provide you with a current link to Discovery Channel’s new series

The documentary, about the threat of noise pollution in oceans and how it affects whales and other wildlife, will be the first of three film specials to air in the next four months under the network’s new environmental nonfiction weekly series, Discovery Impact.

Focused on the theme of humankind’s impact on the environment and what can be done to solve some of the largest problems facing the planet, the series marks Discovery Channel’s official entry into the increasingly crowded high-end documentary distribution market.

Marine Noise is disrupting the ocean’s ecosystem and is becoming an ever larger problems for whales and other marine life
Ocean Noise & Whales

That being said, noise pollution affecting humans on the water or on land with noise sources FROM the water is what we are here to talk about. We have stated in many other places on our website that the further away from a noise source that you are, the tougher it will be to mitigate the effects that the noise source is having on YOUR well being and peace and quiet.

If you are on land, and are bothered by waterborne noise sources, we really should have a conversation. In many cases, your situation is likely to be similar to the person suffering from road or highway noise and potential solutions will be roughly similar.

If you are on land and are bothered by land based industrial noise, your potential solutions will be comparable to how we solve industrial noise problems, either at the noise source, or by using barrier, insulation and absorption materials where you live, work or play to mitigate the impacts of the marine noise by the time it reaches you.

If however, you are on the water, and are bothered by marine noise from the vessel on which you are traveling, we have a variety of solutions for you from quieting the engine of a 12 foot skiff, to quieting the elevator shaft of a 4 story $200 million dollar yacht and many problems in between.

Because weight is a constant issue of concern when on the water, our solutions by nature, HAVE to be individualized and custom created. There are no short cuts to mitigating marine noise and a consultation is strongly recommended with our marine division acousticians. Please fill out the contact form and let us contact you by email or phone, your choice, to talk about your problem, our previous experience with similar problems and what we can do to help YOU solve YOUR current marine noise pollution problem.