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Home Theaters

Best Way To Build Your Very Own Home Theater!

Home theaters are a new exciting trend that many home owners love to have. But great home theaters with large subwoofers need soundproofing and proper acoustical treatment. Making your home theater sound great doesn't have to be a huge expense, big project, or something that is not feasible. You can make your home theater sound like a real theater. With our high end soundproofing materials and REVRB Acoustical treatments, we have the turn key system to help make your theater sound great.


Custom acoustical treatments to match your needs for your home theater is just a call away. We can provide you with the best materials to put into your home theater, weather you are building out the theater or working with a existing structure. We have the knowledge and proper materials to make it feel like you are at the Lux Level Moview Theater.

Acoustical Treatments Made In The U.S.A

To create the best home theater you have to look at it in 2 ways - soundproofing and acoustics. Doing both you will have the best outcome. Soundproofing the theater room will help keep the noise in, and adding the right acoustics, will make the experience within the room even better. No matter what you do, you should always add in REVRB Acoustical Panels to help get the right sound within the room and have the best acoustics within the room, so the shows and movies you watch, sound perfect. Adding soundproofing materials would be the first stage when building or remodeling your home theater. The REVRB Acoustical treatment would be at the end and something you can add even after your theater room is built. For more information on how to create the best home theater, see below products and what they do, or contact us directly!

REVRB Acoustical Treatment: Our REVRB Acoustical Treatments are unlike any other out there in the market. We custom build every product, in house, with our own guys, 100% American Made. We do not outsource anything when it comes to our acoustical treatments. This is to assure you get the best products. REVRB allows for the highest absorption you can get while also having a Class A fire rating. We only use the best materials within the products. To learn more about our REVRB Acoustical product, visit our acoustic page or visit REVRB Acoustics website to see more projects and information.

Quiet Insul: The best acoustical insulation in the industry! This is a cotton based insulation that has a high absorption value along with a Class A fire rating. Just like regular insulation, this goes between the studs of the wall or joist in the ceiling, and will absorb the noise that enters that area. Absorbing the noise will lessen the noise pressure, reducing any noise from coming through. 

Sonic-Shield Acoustic Barrier: Also known as Sound Barrier MLV - this high dense material comes in 1-lb/sf and 2-lb/sf which is 1/8" and 1/4" respectively in thickness. This thin material is very heavy and dense to block the airborne noise from coming through. This material gets mounted on the studs or joists and sealed up completely with our MLV Tape. This material can easily get nailed to allow for a quick easy install!

Sound Isolation Clips System: This additional feature that can be added to the above materials is to help with low frequency noise like subwoofers and bass.  Mounting our Isolation clips to the studs and joist in a staggered pattern, then mounting hat channels to the clips, will isolation the vibration that comes through the wall and ceiling. Sheetrock will then be mounted to the channels so when the wall vibrates, the sheetrock won't!

Accessories: Along with the above products, accessories like Sound Putty Pads, MLV Tape, and Acoustical Sealant is needed to finish off the wall.

The Sound Putty Pads are used to protect any outlets, light switches, and anything else that is penetrating the wall. The pads get wrapped around any electrical box that is used in the wall, sealing off the box. We always suggest putting low voltage into a electrical box as well to properly seal that box. Sealing with the Sound Putty Pad will increase the sound blocking of the boxes, minimizing leakage. 

MVL Tape is used with the Sound Barrier both 1LB and 2LB product. It is made of the same material as the barrier but with a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back, making it a great tape to use. Use it on the seams of the barrier to seal it up completely. 

Acoustical Sealant is used around the perimeter of the sheetrock. Remember when you sheetrock (or blue-board) the wall, to keep a 1/8" or so gap around the perimeter and fill it with the acoustical sealant. The reduces the vibration from the other walls to come into the wall you worked on. 

Extra Add On - Green Glue Compound: Adding a extra layer of sheetrock or blue-board will increase the sound reduction, but when you do that you must add in our Green Glue Compound to that extra layer to ensure the best soundproofing. This is a easy step that is easy and fast to do. Prior of mounting the second layer, you will add 1.5 to 2 tubes of Green Glue compound to the sheet and then install that second sheet as normal. This significantly increases the STC and blocks the noise!

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