Granite State Credit Union

    Granite State Credit Union had a difficult problem with their reception area. Although it was beautiful, with high ceilings, the hard wall surfaces and ceramic floors made sound reverberate and speech with their customers was difficult to understand. The credit union contacted Sonic-Shield’s parent company, New England Soundproofing to see if they could devise a solution.  

    It was determined that the high level of reverberation was the culprit. The multiple echoes continuously bouncing off the many hard surfaces and overlapping at different times was what was “muddying” the conversations happening in the reception area.

    REVRB® Acoustical Panels were strategically installed on the walls. The panels reduced the reverberation time down to a more comfortable level, and increased people’s ability to understand each other. Now the reception area is not only beautiful, it is an area that works for both the credit union employees and their customers.

    REVRB Acoustical Panels installed in lobby of Credit Union

    REVRB®  Acoustical Panels installed in Credit Union Lobby

    REVRB Acoustical Panels in lobby of Credit Union

     REVRB® Acoustical Panels reduce echo in lobby of Credit Union

    REVRB Acoustical Panels in Credit Union lobby

    REVRB® Acoustical Panels stop reverberation in lobby of Credit Union

    REVRB Acoustical Panels Close up photo taken  in Credit Union lobby

    Close up of REVRB® Acoustical Panels in lobby of Credit Union

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