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Door Soundproofing

Reduce Noise From Coming Through Your Door

Doors are the #1 leaking point for sound. Sound can easily transfer through the doors of your home, office, condo, or apartment because it is not sealed off properly. The bottom of the doors usually have major gaps that allow sound to go under the door and in the room. Also, the perimeter of the door usually does not seal properly with the door jam, which will also allow noise to come through. Remember, sealing off the door completely reduces the noise from getting through the door.

Another way sound gets through is from the actual door. Most of todays doors are hollow and cheaply made with low grade materials. We suggest a solid core door or adding mass to the door to increase the sound properties. Below are some more information on how to soundproof your door.

Automatic Door Botton: The automatic door sweeps we have will help seal off the bottom of your door. This product will automatically drop when you close the door and lift when you open the door. This allows for your sweep not to drag on the ground.

Adjustable Door Seals: Along with the door sweep mentioned above, adding adjustable door seals allows you to seal off the door properly. Around your door there are gaps where the door touches the jam. Those gaps allow noise in. Adding our adjustable door seals, you can make sure there is no gap any more. Our seals are adjustable by a screw driver to allow you to adjust them over time if needed. 

Pemko Door Gasket: This easy to install gasket is a peel and stick design that goes into the door jam between the door and jam. Cut with a knife and install in seconds. 

Sound Door: We have complete custom and standard sound doors. This would be a complete swap of the door and slab to replace your door. With STC Ratings over 55, this is your best solution for soundproofing a door. 

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