Conference Room Makeover

    We received an inquiry from a company experiencing noise problems in their conference room. Due to one glass wall and a glass door in addition to several hard surfaces and the size of the room, we were able to determine that the client was experiencing reflective noise issues as sound waves built up inside the room. Here is the exact request from the client that started the whole process:

    "Attached are pictures of the conference room and a diagram of the walls.  One of the conference room walls is glass, with glass doors.  There are small gaps between the glass wall and the drywall that we’re also looking to seal, to reduce the sound from the conference room going outside the room.  In the conference room, one of the walls (where you see the blue tape) will have a canvas art piece on it; the second wall will have a TV installed; and the third wall will have a whiteboard installed—this is shown in the “diagram” attached.  The walls and ceiling are all painted hard surfaces."
    Our analysis allowed us to determine that because of the glass doors and all the reflective surfaces, that excess build-up of standing waves and reflections created most of the problem. The room needed to be acoustically "softened" to reduce the energy leaving the room. Since the customer wanted to incorporate a large piece of art into the room’s design, and the other wall space was limited, it was decided that sound panels needed to be fitted around the artwork for a wall to wall, floor to ceiling arrangement, as the best choice. Custom sized REVRB® acoustical panels were hand made to fit around the artwork and cover the wall.

    Conference room before being acoustically treated

    Conference room before being acoustically treated with REVRB® acoustical panels

    Conference room before acoustic treatment

    Conference room before being acoustically treated with REVRB® Acoustical panels image #2

    We really don’t need to say much more about this job other than to relay our client’s comments below as they say it all!

    "We had the panels installed today and they’re beautiful and have had an immediate impact on reducing the echo in that conference room!  Below are a few pictures. It was worth the wait!"


    REVRB® acoustical panels custom designed for conference room


    REVRB® acoustical panels installed in conference room

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