Commercial Soundproofing

Beef O Brady installation of MLV.jpgCommercial soundproofing starts with understanding the noise ordinances that your community has in place as well as the decibel levels that affect stress and productivity. Different communities define commercial noise differently. OSHA also has Occupations Noise Exposure Guidlines to be aware of, not to mention loss of productivity and general unhappiness of prolonged exposure to annoying noise issues.

Impact of Commercial Noise

When you are trying to create a productive office environment or a soothing retail space, soundproofing is a must. Noise can result in loss of productivity in the workspace or cause stress to customers and clients you are aiming to please. The proper acoustic design can prevent these issues from hurting your bottom line.

Commercial Noise Solutions

The development of an effective solution starts by first identifying the noise that is offensive, then determining the noise transmission path(s) and measuring the acoustic characteristics of the noise. The noise transmission path is simply the identification of the source of the noise and determining how it arrives at your ear.

  1. Identify the noise through acoustical testing and analysis to understand where soundproofing your commercial space will be most effective
  2. Choose commercial soundproofing materials that are low cost, safe, and effective
  3. Hire trusted acoustical experts who have designed commercial soundproofing in the past to ensure you have the most effective solution for your unique needs.

Common Applications

For indoor noise problems that occur in gymnasiums, bars, restaurants, and auditoriums, our soft panels are more commonly used as soundproofing solutions. They are able to reduce echoing, reverberation and other airborne noise to manageable levels. Sonic- Shield is proud to be one of a select few distributors of REVRB Acoustical Panels. Contact us today to find out how REVRB panels can solve your commercial noise problem!

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