Charred Oak Tavern

    Every town seems to have a neighborhood eatery where the locals congregate for hearty meals and good drinks. The Charred Oak Tavern in Middleborough Mass. is one such place but goes so far beyond the expected that it actually exceeds many of the most popular restaurants of this genre in Boston and Providence. Its only drawback was its noise level. Sonic-Shield’s parent company New England Soundproofing came in with solutions that solved the tavern’s acoustic challenges.

    The following from co-owner Matt Menard says it all:

     Hi Joe & Team, 

    One of the things that we missed completely when opening up our new restaurant, was the sound. It's just something you don't think of!  Our beautiful restaurant is adorned by reclaimed wood, piping, copper, reclaimed brick and industrial-type fixtures; all of which are hard surfaces.  This caused even the slightest busy evening to be VERY noisy.  It was pointed out to us that we should invest in sound absorbing panels -- WHAT ARE THOSE?! 

    After much research, we came across New England Soundproofing. We gave them a call and were put through to Joe Drago.  Joe instantly knew exactly what we were talking about, and with his expertise and knowledge, made us feel that New England Soundproofing was the way to go. 

     Joe personally came to our establishment and started measuring the space, and told us exactly what we needed, without any overage.  "I'm only going to suggest what you need." And Joe was absolutely right!!  Joe's team had a limited time frame of when they could work, due to the fact that we are open for lunch and dinner, and we didn't want to disturb our guests, but in 2 days, all of the panels were in. The first day, when only half the panels were installed, you could already hear a huge difference! 

     By the time the job was finished, it was truly like night & day. Our guests immediately started praising us for moving forward with the sound panels, and one guest in particular said, "The only reason I came back to visit with you again, is because of your post on social media, stating that you had your sound panels installed!"  We were so glad to hear this. One of the best parts?  You can now clearly hear the awesome playlist that we have playing in the background!  100% totally worth it!  Thank you so much to New England Soundproofing for a job well done!  Your work even brought a guest back to us!  

    Thank you so much, 

    The Charred Oak Tavern Management Team

    REVRB™ Acoustical Panels installed on the ceiling of the Charred Oak Tavern-1

    REVRB® Acoustical Panels installed on the ceiling of the Charred Oak Tavern.

    REVRB™ Acoustical Panels blend into the ceiling décor so well they are hardly seen-1

    REVRB® Acoustical Panels blend into the ceiling décor so well they are hardly seen.

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